Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year was Micah's first Christmas!!!  We were so excited to celebrate with family and have our little boy here with us!  We had so much fun.  Of course, Micah wasn't really sure what was going on or how to open a present but I think he liked his toys.  He wanted to chew on each one of them so I take that as a good sign. He also really enjoyed eating the bows though, not sure about that one.  He was being so cute and we got some great pictures to document our memories.  Here are a few for you to enjoy!!

Cute Christmas Boy!

Micah's First Ornament

My First Christmas Morning!

Opening Presents

Me and Dad

 Eating a Bow

Me and Mom

Opening Presents

 Presents Taste Yummy!

Thank you to all our friends and family who blessed Micah this Christmas.  It was truly a great time.  Of course, we are MOST thankful for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  That is of course our main reason for celebrating!!!

We hope you had a great holiday was well.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Five on Friday - Pinterest

Hey friends!  I can't believe Christmas is like a week away.  How has this year gone by so fast?!  Oh I know!  I've spent half of it caring for a new baby.  Time flies when you experience major life changes.  :)  Just for the record, the last half of the year has been the bomb dot com!

So, what have I been up too?  Well a little bit of everything and yet nothing at all.  I've had a lot of family and friends time lately, which has been awesome, but it feels like I haven't been able to get much done around the house, but I think I'm managing ok. 

Speaking of not getting much done around the house - I have discovered Pinterest.  I have been hearing about Pinterest for awhile now and didn't understand it.  It also sounded like a huge time hog (which it is, but it's awesome).  My friend invited me to join and at first I didn't get what was so great about it.  Then I spent some time searching and finding friends and OH my goodness, there are some amazing things on there!  People are just so clever. 

For those who don't know, members can 'pin' pictures, recipes, ideas, etc. onto their page and then other people can re-pin them.  You can create categories on your page so, for example, if you're planning a birthday party you can search and collect ideas for it.  It's a really cool way to share creative ideas.  So, I'll share with you.  Here are 5 of my favorite pins.

1) Style.  I have no idea what is but people have been pinning these 'styles' from that site and I'm really loving them.  My favorite combo is this:

2) Crafts.  I've also found some really cool craft ideas on Pinterest.  One of my favorite is mixing food coloring or dye into bubbles and painting with them like this. . . .

3) Baby.  I have pinned a few baby related ideas.  For Micah or for the future, someday baby #2. How CUTE is this idea?!

4) Recipes.  OH my goodness, the recipes.  I have found some delicious looking recipes on Pinterest.  I've tried one of them but there are SO many others I want to try.  Like this one!

Broccoli and cheese soup is one of my all time favorite meals.  The recipe for this one can be found here -

5) Home Decor.  There are tons of awesome ideas for home decor.  This one is genius!  Buy a rubber doormat, spray paint it and hang it on the wall.  How simple and affordable is this!

So, in conclusion, Pinterest does take up time, but it is a fun way to relax and get inspiration where you may be lacking.  You can also pin ideas you have.  I've pinned my wreaths.  You need an invitation to join so if you'd like to join, just email me at stefstallings [at] gmail [dot] com with your email address and I'll send you an invite.

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy you're weekend!


P.S.  Complimentary Pic of the Post
OMG This boy!  There are no words!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Sale!

So, I've sold a few of my wreaths but I have a few more that are still for sale.  Please check them out or pass along the info to someone who may be in the market for a new wreath.  I love the ones I have posted so if they don't sell soon I may claim one as my own.  :)

I think my favorite is the ice blue one!  I bought a few specialty ornaments for this one and I added bells so it jingles.  :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa!! I Know Him!

Last week I took Micah to see Santa.  We went to Bass Pro Shop because the picture was free and since we went during the day, there was no line.  I kinda wish that the backdrop didn't look like we lived in a hunting lodge but at least there is no camo.  Micah did great of course because he really didn't know what was going on.  My usually very smiley boy wouldn't smile for his picture but immediately smiled at everyone after I picked him up.  Lol.

 Micah's First Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Holidays

This weeks questions were provided by Sarah at Simply Sarah and hosted by Chelsea. (I can't find Sarah's site or I'd list it)

1. What are 3 things that are on your Christmas wishlist?
Um. . . Be Delicious by DKNY, most anything James Avery, and a spa package

2. What’s your favorite Christmas song?
Baby It's Cold Outside or I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

3. Do you have a favorite band or singer that sings it especially awesome?
Probably whomever sang them originally.  I'm not so much for the versions sung by today's flavor of pop star. 

4. Have you heard about the website goodreads?
No I have not. . . maybe I'll google it.

5. What are 3 books you want to read?
I've heard good things about The Hunger Games but I'm not sure I want to read it. . . I'm debating.  Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by the Pioneer Woman.  I actually have this in print (versus my Kindle) but haven't picked it up yet.  I'm not sure about the third one, any recommendations?

6. Do you hunt deer?
No, but various members of my family do.  Speaking of, does anyone have a good recipe for cooking deer back strap?  I've never had it before and I'm scared. I don't know what to do with it. Help

7. Have you started Christmas shopping? Are you completely finished?
I have started but I'm not finished.  We have a narrowed list to buy for this year.  Both of our families decided to draw names so the list of people got shorter. 

8. Did you shop on Black Friday? What was the best deal you got?
I'm a big fan of Black Friday.  I'm not opposed to getting up in the middle of the night if I really need the deal that whatever store is having.  However, the last few years I have not felt the need to do that.  I've actually found great deals online starting Thursday through Monday.  This year I saved about $500 on two rugs from Kohl's.  Tip - ALWAYS and I mean always Google "(insert stores name) coupon code".  I have saved many a dollar by finding discount codes online.  I hardly every checkout without one!

9. What’s one holiday tradition your family has?
Well Curtis and I are trying to establish our own holiday traditions but one of my favorite growing up was we'd all decorate the tree together. Everyone had to be there and we'd listen to Christmas music and drink hot chocolate and decorate.  It was so fun.

10. How many blogs do you read? Do you subscribe/unsubscribe often or do you purge every once in a while?
probably read about 20 or so blogs.  I don't subscribe, just bookmark.  I read them for awhile and every once in awhile I go through and delete the ones I no longer want to read.  If anyone recommends a blog I pretty much follow it for awhile just to see what it's about.

Complimentary Pic of the Post

Micah says "Hey-oooo"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Micah is 5 Months Old

Man oh man - I can't believe this.  Sometimes I feel like Micah is so big and other times he still seems so small, which is good.  I'm not ready for him to be all grown up yet.  ;)  Again, I'm a little late with this post, but not by that much so I'm still in the good mom category.  ;)

Fair warning - this post has a million pictures.  I couldn't narrow them down so I added them all.  Enjoy!

 5 Months!!

This time of year is so busy for us (and everyone I'm sure) so we've had so much going on.  We went out of town several times, had 3 Thanksgivings, visited a new church, hung out with friends, got a will, voted, had company over, worked on a secret present and so much more.

Our first Thanksgiving!

Micah has started rice cereal this month.  It didn't take long for him to catch on to it.  He even ate two bowls the other day. The instructions say to start him off with it very water but that was pretty hard for him to eat so I made it just a little bit thicker and it worked much better for him.

Such a big boy!

We taught Micah to spit this month - on accident of course.  We were making the 'whatever you call it' noise where we stick out our tongue and blow to make your tongue vibrate and he started sort of spitting to copy us.  He's not doing what we're doing but is it still super cute.

I'd really rather be watching that crazy boy running around behind you mom!

Micah started sitting up this month too!!!! He can't sit unassisted of course, but he can sit up by himself for a few seconds and he's getting much better at sitting against something and not falling over.  I've even got him to play on his tummy a little bit before rolling over.  He used to immediately roll over.

See - I can lean/sit

Micah is still sleeping through the night.  He's started sleeping even longer.  He often sleeps 10 - 12 hours a night.  And he's gotten much better at napping during the day.  So, he's sleeping more than he was a month or so ago but I think it's because I'm trying to be better about getting him to nap at the same times.

This is how he practices sitting up

He's getting so much more vocal.  Not only is he making more noises, he's making them louder. It's one of my favorite things to hear him 'talk'.  I love it!  He'll also laugh pretty hard but you have to work for it.  He just doesn't give up those belly laughs for nothing.  He'll give you a smile all day long but a laugh is harder to come by.  :)
Me, Micah and his great grandma

And the most exciting news of all, is he cut two teeth this week. (a few days after his 5 month birthday but I'm still counting it in the 5 month category)  I'm amazed!  I thought I felt something the other day but Curtis couldn't tell.  Then a few days later I notice the tips of two bottom teeth!!!!!  They're not out enough to take a picture, but you can see them if you can manage to get his tongue and lips out of the way.  LOL.

Micah and his 3rd cousin

I thank God every day for our healthy happy boy and am so thankful that he is doing well.  We go back to the doctor around his 6 month birthday so we'll see how much he's grown then.  I hope he's sitting up really well by Christmas!
My sort of Zoolander look

I hope all is well with you guys and I hope it's not forever before I post again.  Love ya - Stef

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Provided and hosted by Chelsea

1. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or are you one of those perfect eyed people?
I wear contacts.  I've worn glasses and/or contacts since the 5th grade.

2. What is the next item you are going to purchase?
Well we just bought several things off the black Friday/cyber Monday deals so probably nothing outside of Christmas presents.

3. Have you ever watched Judge Judy or any other real court show?
Yes as in I've seen a show or two, I've never been an avid viewer.  I don't really care for crime related shows, reality or otherwise.

4. How do you feel about fake nails?
I think they can be really pretty or super tacky.  I used to get my nails done but then I realized how much it costs and decided it's not worth it unless for a very special event - like my sisters wedding.

5. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Gymnastics.  I was in competitive gymnastics for much of my elementary/junior high years.  It's fun to watch how talented the girls are. They're amazing.

6. If you could create your own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be named?
It would be called Princess Pony and it would be pink and taste like a strawberry starburst.   The Princess Pony because of this, and the strawberry starburst because that's just about the best flavor of candy ever!

(Btw - my princess ponies are kicking butt and taking names)

7. Do you have any scars?
Yes several.  Scrapped knees, cuts on my hand, a chest tube, stretch marks - do stretch marks count?  I think so. . . battle wounds!

8. Does your pet’s name fit them? Is there a more appropriate name?
I don't have a pet (sad face. . ahem. . . husband) but I once had a fish named Rocky.  I think it fit him, he was very calm. . . you know. . . for a fish.

9. What is your favorite television show theme song?
Um. . . my least favorite is CSI: Miami. . . my favorite would probably be How I Met Your Mother - I know all the words. ;)

10. What was your favorite activity on the playground?
Probably the monkey bars/jungle gym - see #5

Complimentary Pic of the Post 
 Baby Comb-over!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

Well it IS Thanksgiving so of course I'm going to be thankful on Thursday.  Everyone on Facebook is posting one thing a day they are thankful for and I could definitely list 30 things I'm thankful for, but I'm just going to write an overview because 30 things might begin to bore you.

1. For my wonderful little family.  Curtis, Micah and myself - we are a good fit!  Boy am I one lucky gal!

2. An amazing husband who works so diligently to provide for his family and loves us unconditionally. 

3. A spectacular little boy who I cannot believe is ours.  Micah is truly a miracle and he amazes me every day.

4. Parents and siblings - we have the most wonderful, loving, supportive group of people surrounding us and loving us daily!

5. Salvation - I cannot explain the joy and peace that comes with knowing that THE God of everything has forgiven me of my messed up life and loves me enough to let me into His kingdom.  Just WOW. And I'm thankful that I get to see my grandpa there - I really miss him!

6.  Provision - We are so blessed with our home, cars, material things, food on the table, bills paid, etc.  I thank God daily.

7.  The little and big things that make up life.  I try to be thankful in the trials but I am always thankful for God getting us through the trails!

I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

This weeks questions are provided by Lauren from Texas and hosted by Chelsea.

1. What are your pantry staples?
Beef broth and chicken broth. . . Oh and Corn of course! 

2. What are your refrigerator staples?
Milk and Tea. 

3. You already look like Heidi Klum (or your favorite supermodel). Now, what are the top three non-physical things you would change about yourself?
My tendency to procrastinate, self-doubt, and my lack of being able to effectively handle conflict/confrontation. 

4. What’s holding you back from your dream job? (If you already have your dream job, how did you get there?)
I'm not sure how to answer this.  I'm not sure I know what my "dream job" is.  At this point, it's always been my dream to be a mom and now I'm Micah's mom and it's truly the best thing I've ever done. I'm not just being cheesy. 

5. You have $500 to spend but it has to be on one item only. Go.
I'd splurge on an accessory.  A purse, shoes, an outfit. . . anything I can wear! (you know, to change diapers in) 

6. What is something that you are embarrassed to admit you buy on a regular basis?
Funions, chocolate milk, candy bars, etc.  ;) 

7. What’s in/on your bed every night?
Me and my husband and an extra blanket.  I'm always cold. 

8. What is a non-necessity item that, no matter how expensive it gets or how tight your budget if, you will always find room for it?
Well I'm not sure makeup is a non-necessity but I'll always buy my expensive brand of foundation and powder.  I've tried all the over the counter brands and I don't like them. 

9. What is the weirdest sandwich you’ve ever made?
Um. . . I tried peanut butter and bananas once - not so good.  

10. Would you rather: Be banned from Pinterest forever, but gain a million captive Twitter followers; or, never get on Facebook again but gain five thousand blog readers?
Be banned from Facebook but have five thousand blog readers.  But if that happened my blog would have to be more interesting.  At least I have pics of Micah.  ;)

Complimentary Pic of the Post

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remember This?

Well now we've moved on to this!

My how things change!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Micah's New Toy

We recently broke out the Baby Einstein Jumper thing-a-ma-jig and put Micah in it.  The first few times he kind of just sat there but he's kinda getting into it.  He's learning to press the buttons and even turned around in it a few days ago.  Like I said, he was just sitting there before.  If I put him in it now and he doesn't feel like playing he just slouches over and chews on the edge of the seat.  I hope he figures out he can jump soon - that would be so cute!

Check it out!

It's funny because that's really the first time he was making the music play.  :)

P.S.  Before you report me, I have since put the plastic covers on the outlets, even though he can't reach them yet.  So I am a good mommy, I promise.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Wreaths Posted

I've posted two new wreaths in my Etsy store!  I'm loving making my wreaths and I'm working on a green and gold one right now.  I just sold the red and green Christmas wreath - which is so cool!

The blue and silver one is so beautiful! It has two bells on it and several specialty ornaments, bought just for this wreath.  Check it out at

The purple and silver one is awesome too!  This one has some glittery ornaments on it which make it so sparkly.  I love all the different shades of purple.  You can check out more pics at:

Spread the word!  Pass it along!

xoxo - Stef

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just TOO Cute

No words! 

You will fall in love with me!

How do you like me now?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Micah is 4 Months Old

I'm about a week late on this post but a lot has happened in Micah's 4th month of life.  We just went to the Dr. on Monday and Micah is now 13lbs and 15oz (29%) and he is 24.63" tall (37%) and his head size is in the 81 percentile.  He got a good report from the doctor and three more vaccines.  His poor little legs are still red. :(

This month we went to Beaumont to the church my dad pastors and had a dedication ceremony for Micah.  It was a very special time with friends and family and it was important for us to thank God for this amazing gift he has given us.  We are just so thankful for Micah and he really is an answer to our prayers. 

Micah also got to hang out with his new friend Asher while we were there.  They are only a few days apart and their mommies are great friends!  They better learn to get along but so far it looks promising.

Micah has gotten very verbal lately.  I think he may be a little shy though because when we're home during the day he is very loud and talkative but when people come over he gets pretty quiet.  He also shuts up when I pull the camera out too.

He's gotten pretty great at rolling over from his front to his back.  When he's laying on his back he can roll from side to side but he hasn't rolled from back to front yet.  But he has found his feet and loves to grab them and chew on them.

We've been working on sitting in the bumbo more often.  He likes it ok.  He kind of just sits there or tries to get out.  But at least he doesn't cry anymore.  He can sit up with some assistance but is getting better at sitting against things like the couch.  I wonder if he'll be sitting on his own by next month - we'll see.

Here is a picture of Micah smiling at daddy. Just because it's cute.

My sister and I took Micah to the pumpkin patch to take pictures are here are a few.

He's not so into the pumpkin patch

He did try to eat the hay and the pumpkin

He's still not so sure about this

This month it also got cold (for like a day) and I may have over dressed him a bit.

Mom, Is this really necessary?!

We had a lot going on in October and it turned out to be a great 4th month for our little man.  He's getting so responsive and loves to smile and talk.  He's really so fun right now.  I can't wait to see what else this little boy has in store!  Now, on to November!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Hey Ya'll.  What happened to October?!  I can't believe how quickly it went by.  I hope to be updating you very soon of all my happenings.  For now, I wanted to share this weeks Ten on Tuesday with you, provided by Chelsea of course.

1. What is your favorite month?
November.  I love the fall and my hubby and I were married in November.  In Texas, November is the perfect month.  It finally gets cooler but usually not too cold yet.

2. What is the best candy to get while trick or treating?
Anything chocolate.  Three Musketeers!

3. What kind of pen do you use?
I dunno but I love it.  It's a specific pen and I know what it looks like. 

4. You go to a new Italian restaurant, what is your go-to order?
Anything!  I love Italian food.  Baked ziti or chicken alfredo or even spaghetti.

5. If you could choose to have any celebrity’s hair, who’s would you choose?
I always think Carrie Underwood has pretty hair.  Sometimes a little big - but pretty!

6. What’s your favorite board game?
I'm not sure. . . Chutes and Ladders?!  I know my least favorite board game is Monopoly.  It takes way too long and I always loose so. . . it's not fun!

7. Do you know how to play poker?
Yes I do.

8. What do you think about Old Navy commercials?
Absolutely. . . hate them!  Who IS the head of their marketing?! I'd like a word.

9. What hurts worse - a stubbed toe or a paper cut?
Stubbed toe.  Remember when you were little and you'd ride your bike without shoes and then as you're pedaling you'd scrap your big toe on the cement?!  No?!  Just me? Yeah that hurts.

10. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
Chocolate, Apple, Banana Cream. . . I love THIS pie!  Just not cherry pie - eww!

P.S. Complimentary Pic of the Post

 Micah says, "BOO"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday Ya'll

There's so much I want to say. . .

So many posts I want to write. . .

Trying to find a long enough stretch of time to get through them . . . please ask Micah to take a nap.

So stay tuned. . .

Until then, here's what gets me through the day - on loan to you!

 Funny Face

Happy Monday!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holidays Are Upon Us

Wow - I can't believe that October is coming to a close and we're about to hit the holidays.  Guess I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping.  I like to have a few ideas written down of what to get people so I don't have to wonder aimlessly through the mall.  I do kinda like to wonder through the mall but not during the holidays.  Anywho!  I'm not here to talk about that - I'm here to tell you about the cutest outfits that my friend Tamara has available in her Etsy Store.

She has several Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits.  My favorite is the My 1st Christmas!  Isn't it adorable?!

Check out her other items at Two Four Five Designs on Etsy and tell her Stef sent you!

Happy Holidays - ALREADY?!?!?!

P.S.  Complimentary Pic of the Post

This is what happens when mommy takes me shopping!