Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swim Swim, Little Dude

Micah recently had his first experience swimming in the pool.  My parents heated up their pool and the sun was shining bright, so it felt awesome to get in the water.  We bought Micah a floaty and got him a new swimsuit, which I think is just adorable!  He loves the bathtub so I thought he'd love the pool; but when we first put him in, he wasn't so happy about it.

I think it was because he just put him in the floaty and he felt insecure.  So, we took him out and I played with him in the water and let him play on the steps.

After awhile, we put him back in the floaty and he like it.  We pushed him all around the pool and turned him in circles.  We swung the floaty around and he thought it was so fun.  It was adorable!!

He stayed in the pool a long time.  I made sure he was covered because we can't have our little munchkin getting a sun burn. That would be no bueno!  He then had some snuggle time to warm up!!

We're now looking into swim lessons for the summer.  How fun!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's-ah Goin On

Hey there, it's me. . . the stranger who used to blog here.  :)

We're coming up on Micah's ten month birthday so I'll update you about some of his latest activities then but I thought I'd give you a little update about some of what we've been up too!

I recently went to Pinot's Palette with my friend Bekah and we had such a good time painting.  The class was really fun and I think out paintings turned out so great.  Don't you think?!

We got Micah dressed up in his new polo shirt for a family dinner.  We sure looked cute but dinner was a little late for his taste so he got a little fussy.  But we still love him!

We had a crawfish boil at my parents house Easter weekend to celebrate my sisters 19th birthday and Easter.  We had such a good time.  Micah didn't try the crawfish but his mommy and daddy sure had their fill.  (YUM YUM).  Micah didn't even seem to care when his grandpa showed him a live crawfish.  Maybe he'll be interested next year.  :)

(my baby sister, me and my hubby!)

I've recently caught up on posting my 365 pictures.  90% of them are of Micah because I'm with him 99% of the time.  :)  But that's ok. If you want to scroll through, then go check out my page.

Well, I'll be back here again someday.  I have a busy week, so hopefully it's not too long before I'm back here.  Hope ya'll all have a great week!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Micah is 9 Months Old

Micah's ninth month was as busy as ever and Micah is busy trying to grow up so fast.  Trying to get him to sit still for his nine month picture was a chore.  I was exhausted!

I'm a big boy now.

Since learning to crawl, Micah has been ALL over the house.  He's discovered all of the rooms except for the guest room and the junk room.  I keep the bathroom doors closed so I don't have chase him in there.  He no longer just chills in the living room without me there.  He crawls to where ever I am and pulls up on my legs and fusses at me.  Which makes cooking really interesting.  He pulls up on everything now, which means he falls down a lot.  So his poor little forehead looks terrible, but he's getting better at catching himself.

 Be still, will ya?!

He loves to throw his toys all over our tile floors, chase the toy, then throw it again.  He must crawl a million miles a day doing that.  Then mommy and daddy have to chase the balls and other toys out from under the couches and chairs.

 Playdate with our friend!

Micah loves playing with his daddy.  Dad comes home from work and they have some play time in the living room while I cook.  It's so stinking adorable.

 You're funny, dad!

He hasn't gotten anymore new teeth and I'm pretty much down to one feeding a day.  He's still biting if he gets ahold of your finger.  We were using a toothbrush that slips over your finger, but our fingers couldn't take the pain anymore so we bought him a real toothbrush.  Finally wised up!

 Happy Boy!

He also got his first haircut this month.  I was super sad that my little baby was old enough to need a haircut, but it really is cute.  He did so good during his haircut, with mom distracting him with puffs.

 Mom, I need a haircut!!

His checkup went pretty well.  He dropped on the weight charts, only weighing in at 16lbs 1oz.  He needs to put on some weight so we're going to alter his feeding schedule a bit.  Other than that he's doing great.  He had to get two shots.  I think he knew it was coming.  He was super clingy while at the doctors office and he cried whenever I set him down on the table.  But he was good for the doctor and gave her one of his super duper smiles.  :)

Sit down, Mommy wants to take your picture

He's doing pretty good with eating baby food and he's starting to want table food as well.  He wants to be eating anytime we're eating.  If we try to eat without him, he just stands at our feet and cries until you give him a bite.  Then he tries to take your fork or plate.  So now we feed him something every time we eat.

 Sitting is for babies! I can climb

Micah is just doing so great.  He's such a fun baby boy and is definitely becoming more vocal and letting us know what he wants.  He's learning what no means and we're having to work on it a lot, but I have a feeling that lasts for years to come.  :)

 Playdate with his lovely ladies

Well that's all for now.  Thanks for checking in and we'll see you again soon!

Taking pictures is exhausting!
(for everyone involved)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby's First Haircut

I can't believe my baby boy is big enough to get a haircut.  I avoided it as long as I could, I was giving him the old man comb over and it was working for me.  He probably could have gone a little bit longer but his daddy was not having it.  :)  I finally had to admit that dad was right, Micah's hair was in his eyes and he was always rubbing his eyes to move the hair.

 Before shot

That's a lot of hair!

So, finally we decided it was time.  We called Aunt Sandra and setup a time.  Micah did really great with his first haircut.  My heart was a little sad but his new haircut sure is cute!!!

 Will someone please help?! No one is listening!
 What is Aunt Sandra doing?!

Well that wasn't so bad