Monday, November 4, 2013

And Then There Were Twins!

The twins made it here safe and sound!!!  It's hard to believe the twins are 5 weeks old now!  On September 27th, we welcomed Katelyn Elise (5lb. 13oz.) and Caleb Thomas (6lb. 7oz.) into our family!!

They are just perfect

What a crazy ride it has been so far.  We are so thankful that they made it here safe and sound and without any issues.  What a blessing!!  Having twins has been so wonderful and so hard.  We've had several weeks of help from family and friends and I have appreciated every minute of the help!  It's not easy to hold, feed, soothe, rock, change, etc. two babies at the same time.  Any extra set of hands is appreciated.

 Only a few minutes old

We got absolutely no sleep in the hospital. . . NONE!  We were so glad to go home.  Once we got the babies home, we figured out they liked to sleep closer together; like shoulder to shoulder.  That alone is not a recipe for sleep, but it's a start.  ;)
 They like to hold hands

 She loves her bubba

 They like to sleep close by each other

They take turns being the difficult (aka - awake) one.  First, Katelyn spent some time being hard to get to sleep, then it switched to Caleb.  Sometimes, they team up and put up a united front.  But slowly, the sleeping is getting better.  They've even gone 5 hours between feedings; which makes us VERY happy!!

 Cute Katelyn

 Handsome Mr. Caleb

They are great eaters.  I didn't haven't much trouble getting them to breastfeed.  I am feeding them both at the same time, which is more difficult than I thought it would be.  I'm doing this in hopes that if they're hungry at the same time, then eventually they'll be awake and sleepy at the same time.  That will hopefully equal a greater amount of sleep for momma!

 Sleeping Angels

 They actually have their eyes open

At one month old, they are still spending most of their time eating and sleeping.  They do have some awake time, but it doesn't last long.  They are working on holding their head up, both have rolled over to their side, and both have given us a few smiles.  Caleb likes the pacifier better than Katelyn and they both like the baby swing. 

One Month Old!

If you notice, there are no pictures of big brother with the babies.  Micah is not a huge fan of the babies; but at least he doesn't dislike them.  I'm sure he will warm up to them eventually.  ;)

Having three kiddos has been challenging.  Especially when they're all cranky or hungry at the same time. Good thing they are all three so adorable and wonderful!!!!  We couldn't been happier and more in love with our beautiful babies.  


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Day

It is SO mind blowing to think about how one day can change everything that you know.  In one day, you go to the doctor and find out you're having TWINS.  (What?!)  Then one day you go to the hospital and you actually have the twins; then your life is changed forever.  It's so surreal to think about how we have been preparing for something that really we can't understand until it happens.  

It feels like these twins have been a long time coming (especially since they've been kicking all my body parts for so long).  We found out so early that we were having twins, and we've had SO many check ups and ultra sounds and appointments.  It seems to have taken forever to finally get to the point where they are ready and we are ready.  Well, as ready as we can be.  I've had a fair share of anxiety about this life change, but change always brings anxiety, I think.  Even though it's scary, it's also so exciting to think about what life will be like with 3 kids.  What they will look like and what their personalities will be like, etc.

All we can do is prepare and pray!  We are so incredibly thankful that we have had a safe and healthy pregnancy and that the babies are safe and healthy.  Such a relief to make it to the end with no real concerns for them.  What an amazing blessing.

At this point, just days away from their birth, I can't be worried about what this new life will be like anymore.  I am just so excited to meet them and start our life with them.  I know that they will be a blessing in our family. 

Let's just get this show on the road.  :)  Plus my body can't take much more of this torture.  ;)

Come on babies - we are ready to meet you!

xo - Stef

P.S.  Dear babies, get here safely!

P.S.S.  I would like to thank every single person who has done SO much to help us.  I can't even begin to name all the ways that our friends and family have blessed us and REALLY helped me to feel more prepared and capable of doing this twin things.  We have the best people in our life!  WE LOVE EACH OF YOU!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Micah is TWO!

As I mentioned in my last post, Micah turned two in June!!  I can't imagine how so much time has passed with this precious boy in our lives.  He is such a big boy now.  He has gotten so much taller and is a so incredibly busy.

His favorite activity is climbing and jumping.  He climbs on the beds, the chairs, the tables, jumps off the couch, jumps off the toy chest.  All of course, with mommy and daddy telling him to "STOP JUMPING" every five seconds.  I'm so tired of telling him to STOP.  He is definitely testing his parents with obeying right now.

He is talking more and more.  He says Hi, Uh-OH, Ready-Set-GO!, Eat, a version of Thank you, night-night, a version of Amen, and some other words.  But his best word is BYE-BYE.  He's really good at saying BYE-BYE.  It's hilarious, because he practically yells it over and over again until we actually leave where we are.  Sometimes, he won't say it until the visitor is actually gone, then he yells BYE-BYE for a few minutes after they leave.  It's hilarious and adorable!

Micah is probably not too sure about what's going on with Mommy and Daddy and all the changes around our house.  We keep trying to tell him about his Bubba and Sissy that are coming soon.  We tell him every time we go into their room, and try to get him to say it to my belly, but he doesn't really care.  If I lift up my shirt and ask him to kiss bubba and sissy, then he comes over and pulls my shirt down and walks away.  LOL.  I hope he gets used to his new siblings pretty quickly.

Micah just started mothers day out a few weeks ago.  He is not a fan of being dropped off, but he seems to enjoy it.  They tell me he stops crying after a few minutes.  He even naps their sometimes.  He's not doing good at eating his lunch, but he's not really eating much right now anyway.  He just had a big growth spurt a few months ago, so maybe he's just not as hungry now.  Who knows. 

We definitely have our hands full with this busy, messy, wiggly, climbing little boy, but he is so precious and amazing.  I think he'll be a great big brother and he's so sweet that I'm sure he'll learn to love the babies very quickly.

We love our Micah Man!!!