Monday, September 17, 2012

Currently in Micah-land

I hope y'all still love me even though I've been so bad about blogging.  I have so much to share about our Micah man. . . he has been one very busy boy.

 Big Smile

Micah is 14 months old now.  He's growing and learning so much and has just developed such an independent personality.  He thinks he's the funniest boy ever and so do I, but he sure learned to shake his head "NO" quickly.  He does it so much he gets dizzy.  :)

 He still sucks his thumb!

Micah is now a whopping 22 pounds.  He has such a healthy appetite.  His favorite fruits are watermelon and blueberries.  He eats his weight in each every week.  (That may or may not be an exaggeration).  He hates avocados, sometimes eats meats, but he sure LOVES his veggies and fruits.  He is still not drinking milk, but loves apple juice.  I finally found a sippy cup that he will actually use so, he's been drinking really well with that.  Now, I've got to transition him from formula to milk.  He is very resistant to that. 

Daddy and Micah eat watermelon almost
every day when daddy gets home

He has about a million teeth now.  He is cutting his molars and "pointy" teeth on top and bottom and both sides now.  Most of them have come through, but a few are still giving him problems.  He's handled it like a champ though.  He hates brushing his teeth and it is quite the chore.  I always try to trick family/friends/visitors into doing it for me.  Rock, Paper Scissors, anyone?!!!

Who me?

He is a master at walking and running.  He literally does not sit down if he is awake.  He is running, walking, squatting, crawling, climbing, throwing, chasing, and standing on his head at all times.  This also means he hits his head about once a day, so that's always fun.  He is learning to go up and down steps (we have a one story, so this is taking him longer to learn).  He's learned to throw balls and has pretty good aim.  He can throw the ball to us but of course he can't really catch yet.  We play a lot of catch in our house. 

 He likes to climb on dad

He talks up a storm with all kinds of sounds strung together, but still now real words.  He says "Geen" for Green.  He says Mama and Dada but doesn't use them to identify us.  We are working on our words, but I just can't get him to try and repeat anything I say.  I know he'll pick it up eventually so we'll keep working on it. 

My little buddy

He loves to flip through books, pretend to snore, scrunch his nose up, clap when we say "YAY", and blow kisses.  His absolute favorite accessory is a red, round pyrex lid.  We have no idea why he loves this lid, he just does.  He carries it in his hand and plays with toys while holding it.  He puts it on his head and will chew on it, but mostly he just carries it around.  If you take it away from him, he screams like you've run out of ice cream (the screams are both the same level of intensity).

 I'm busy!

I'm not getting as many pictures of Micah per month as I used too.  He literally will not sit still and so 95% of our pictures are blurry.  Most of them end of being a blurry pic of the back of his head.  So, that's sad!

 He likes going for walks!

I sometimes wish I could follow him around with a video camera all day long.  Just so I could record all the cute little faces he makes, and how he protects me if Curtis is picking on me, and how he tries to wake me up if I pretend to sleep on the floor, and how he looks so proud of himself when he throws something or puts a toy in a bucket or something like that.  I just can't capture in pictures all of those little moments, but I hope I always remember them.  They are so precious to us and so is Micah.