Nursery Tour

We are so excited for our new baby.  I've been obsessing over the nursery as each 1st time mom probably does, but I love the way his nursery has turned out!  Now we're really ready for our little boy!

I didn't really want to theme the room, but you could say the theme is transportation.  The bedding is rocket ships, but there are also airplanes, bicycles, trains, cars, etc.  We decided on painting the room blue because it's the main color in the bedding.  I would have liked to pick a green, but that is such a hard color to get right.  I love the blue though - it's just the right shade.

The bed is from Babies R' Us and the bedding is from Target.  I love the bedding because it's more modern / boy rather than infant.  I love the symmetrical pattern of the rocket ships.

Changing Table
The changing table is also from Babies R' Us and the glider is from Target.  I also found that cute pillow for like $3 at Target.  The shelf is from Target and the picture is actually a hand drawn teddy bear - it's so cute!

Micah's Corner
I guess you could call this Micah's corner.  It has a basket of all stuffed animals and toys he's been given and it has his rocket ship growth chart.  Even though it'll be awhile before he'll be tall enough for the growth chart, I just love it - I think it fits perfectly for his room.

Moms Corner & Shelf
This is my chair and the side table i found at Target.  The shelf has his books, a lamp, some blocks, stuffed animals and the batman and spiderman lunch boxes that are his daddy's.  :)

Whole Room
This is the view from the door.  The shelf is right on the right side when you walk in.  I'm really happy with the way the room turned out.  I can't wait to bring our baby home to his new room!