Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Talking and Talking

Micah man isn't really talking yet, well. . . he's not speaking English yet.  He speaks a language all his own and I love to hear him talk.  It's just so cute.

He talks alot when he's laying in bed, trying to fall asleep OR not trying to fall asleep, whichever he may be doing.  I usually listen to him on the baby monitor and don't get to hear it in person.

The other day, we were visiting family and his pack n' play was setup in the same room we were sleeping in.  I was trying to take a late nap, then Curtis brought Micah in to also take a nap.  Micah laid there and talked and talked and talked.  It was cracking me up, but I didn't want him to know I was in there (otherwise, Mommy wouldn't get any rest either).  He never did go to sleep that day, but I recorded the new word he came up with that day.

Take a listen. . .
You may have to turn it up.


Monday, December 10, 2012


It looks like one of my vidoes never posted on a previous blog post.  Why didn't ya'll tell me?!  Shame on you!  Shame on me for not noticing.

Well, you can check out that video now: