Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Facing the Mountains

Our little man is learning to climb.  He wants to climb on the couch, the ottoman, the chairs, the toys, the beds. . . you name it, he wants to conquer the climb.  I think he learned this from The Houston Children's Museum.  We've been there a few times and they have lots of fun, safe items to climb. . . well mostly safe. . . but each time we go; he wants to climb next biggest obstacle.  

This is the biggest ramp they have.  Most of the kids were climbing up on all fours, but our son thought he could walk up the ramp. . . which to my surprise. . he could!

I really couldn't believe he could do that.  This was the first time he had tried to play on that and I thought it was too big for him.  He also wanted to climb up the very steep slide versus slide down it, but mommy couldn't get a video of that for fear of some major crashing and burning.  This video started it all. . . there was no stopping him after that.  Yay us!


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