Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where Oh Where

Has the time gone?!  The thought of picking up blogging again is kind of overwhelming.  I'm sad that I let so much time go by without posting, but the thought of trying to find time to post regularly again is also overwhelming.  There are so many things all the time that I think about blogging about, but I just don't.  I'm sorry.  :(  I guess I'll just give you an update on what I have currently going on.

So, big news number one - We are having TWINS!!!!  Sometime in October or late September.  I still sometimes can't believe it.

We were pretty shocked (well at least I was!), but I think the news has sunk enough and now we are excited!  I've been working on the nursery. We found out we're having a BOY and  a GIRL!!!!  So exciting!!  Before you ask, no we don't have names yet.  We are probably going to have a hard time with names.  It looks us forever to come up with the name Micah, so who knows how long it'll take to come up with two more.  :)

I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant and I feel about as big as I was when I was near the end with Micah.  I have been taking weekly pictures, maybe one day I'll post them.  ;)

Big news number two - Micah is turning TWO!!!!  In a few short days, my baby boy will be a big boy.  :(  I'm excited because he is just changing all the time and his little personality is certainly starting to make itself known, but I'm also sad because my little baby is no longer little.  :(

So, our days are filled with spending time with our very busy two year old big boy, and prepping for our two new little presents plus sitting on the couch like a big uncomfortable preggo lady!!  We have a lot to do to get ready for the twins.  Then once they get here, we'll be busy surviving life with two newborns and a two year old.  Maybe since I'll be up all night every night, I'll start blogging again, huh?!

Big news number three - I'm an AUNT!!!  I'm so excited to have a precious nephew.  He was born in April and I love him so much.  I can't wait to spoil him rotten!!!

 Love him!!

Well that's all the updates for now.  I would like to send a special shout out to all you loyal readers who have been checking my blog even though I haven't been blogging.  If you have stopped checking regularly then I don't blame you, I understand.  I'll have to prove myself worthy of regular check-ins again, right?!  :)

Big fist bump to Aunt Callie who I know checks regularly. 
Love ya girl.