Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Lucas

This week, my cousin Clint and his wife Anne, had a beautiful baby boy! He came early, but when I heard that they had gone to the hospital I was very excited. I couldn't wait to meet him. Curtis and I went to see him on Tuesday night at the hospital and he is SOOO very cute. I think Clint and Anne are going to be great parents, it was cute to see them taking care of Lucas. I was holding the baby and he started crying so I got to feed him some formula, which was cool. I'm not around babies much so it was fun to hold him and help take care of him. I'm a very proud cousin! I hope one day we'll get to babysit him, Curtis is very good with entertaining babies and I'm very good with following instructions. :) Anne will have to leave me a 'Guide to Lucas". Haha. Congratulations to Clint and Anne and Welcome to our family, Lucas.

Brooks & Dunn

Last weekend we went to the Rodeo with Curtis' Dad and Step-Mom, Larry & Sharon and saw the Brooks & Dunn concert. It was a fun time. The rodeo was exciting to watch (mostly). I really like the bull riding because it's so dangerous! After the rodeo was over and the cowboys won thousands of dollars, they setup for the concert (which took awhile). They had a new stage that rotated so everyone in the arena could see the concert. It was cool that the stage rotated, otherwise it would suck to have to watch the back of a concert. We had some good food, good fun and we even rode the metrorail, so we didnt' have to fight traffic. Brooks & Dunn performed their most populat songs so I think a fun time was had by all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our 2nd Anniversary Trip

Our 2nd anniversary was November 08. Even though this trip happened awhile back, I still wanted to talk about where we went. For our first anniversary we went to San Antonio and had a great time. For our 2nd anniversay we wanted to go somewhere equally close, so we decided on Austin.

We spent a few days there and had a great time. We spent time outdoors in the beautiful weather, went to a fancy restaurant that was very delicious, and we even rented bicycles and rode along the river. One of our favorite activities was visiting the state capital. I thought we'd be there for an hour or so but we ended up staying most of the afternoon. It's such a beautiful building with lots of very interesting history. We saw the state Senate and the House of Representatives. You can sit in on their meetings when they are in session! Which I think would be cool. We had a great time!

Each year gets better and better! (marriage and trips!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here we are

Hey Friends,

Welcome to my first blog post ever! How 'amazin' is that! I've recently been reading the blogs of friends and co-workers and decided that I'd like to blog as well. I'm not sure you'll find our life THAT spectacular but we love it! :) I see this as an online journal of our life.... as my friend put it.... A 21st century scrap book. Besides, I'm not much for cutting out designs and pasting them together... This is our mess-free scrap book! So tune in soon for more updates!