Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Lucas

This week, my cousin Clint and his wife Anne, had a beautiful baby boy! He came early, but when I heard that they had gone to the hospital I was very excited. I couldn't wait to meet him. Curtis and I went to see him on Tuesday night at the hospital and he is SOOO very cute. I think Clint and Anne are going to be great parents, it was cute to see them taking care of Lucas. I was holding the baby and he started crying so I got to feed him some formula, which was cool. I'm not around babies much so it was fun to hold him and help take care of him. I'm a very proud cousin! I hope one day we'll get to babysit him, Curtis is very good with entertaining babies and I'm very good with following instructions. :) Anne will have to leave me a 'Guide to Lucas". Haha. Congratulations to Clint and Anne and Welcome to our family, Lucas.

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