Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Your Vote On

We know… we know…. we’ve all heard it before… we should vote. I get that. But it really is a pain. Not to mention the fact that is it hard to even find out information ABOUT voting, it’s also a hassle TO vote. I hate the long lines, taking time from work, and practically being ATTACKED by all the ‘supporters’ harassing you to vote for their candidate… that should be illegal by the way. I made it all the way there to vote, the least they could do is LEAVE ME ALONE while I’m trying to vote. Voting is not easy, I get that! That being said:

We really should vote! It is SO important. Even though it is a pain… voting is important and just plain American. Regardless of the number of total voters, the person with the most votes wins. What if none of us stood up for what we believe is right and 1% of the population decided what the majority wanted. (I have no idea what % of people vote, I’m just sayin’)

November 3rd is election day. You should go vote for your mayor and city officials. They do impact your life! They make decisions every day that affect us and none of us seem to care. I don’t attend city council meetings and rarely to I write my city and state officials BUT I do at least vote. It’s the least I can do.

Since finding out who to vote for, where to vote and when to vote is SO stinking hard! I’ve included a few of the resources I use:

Harris County Voting Information

Harris County Early voting locations

Sample Ballot for this election

League of Women Voters

The Texas Senate

Republican National Committee

If you’re not registered to vote, sign up today

There are plenty more! Also, signing up for your party’s newsletter will also keep you informed about when to vote.

Get your vote on people!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

If You're Happy And You Know It. . .

Imagine a motley crew of high school mis-fits, cheerleaders and football players who are trying to be cool (or stay cool) but can’t help from breaking out in song and dance. Sound familiar? Well I’m not talking about High School Musical I’m talking about the new Fox show GLEE! It’s WAY different and WAY better than HSM1,2, or 3. This show is cheesy. . . but hilarious.  You have to watch it… give it 2 episodes and you’ll be hooked!

The show is starting to have a following.  The cast members are all singers and actors and there are a few broadway stars in the cast so the singing is actually good.  You can buy their music on iTunes and they have several songs within the top 100 songs being downloaded on iTunes. 

You can watch the epidsodes on or check out this clip:

Don't Stop Believin'

Glee:  The Music, Volume 1

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Awww... for me?

Ok, so I’m a nerd and I start thinking about Christmas really early! … like right now. (I'm not the only one!) I’ve already bought a few gifts and I’m so excited to give them, I can’t wait to see the reactions! One of my favorite gifts is to my friend Blair. We have an half-unspoken tradition of buying each other a desk calendar every year. It’s from Snow and Graham and it’s so cute. . . we LOVE it. So every year I buy one and she buys one and we give it to each other. Only, we keep it because that’d be silly to wrap and exchange the same gift. Unwrapping it when it arrives in the mail is just as fun!

So every year when we see each other for the holidays, we let each other know that we’ve bought our Christmas gifts to each other. It’s so fun. This is the calendar we buy each year. If you want one (which you know you do), you should buy it now because they run out quickly. And trust me, the Luxe Paperie site is the cheapest… I’ve done my research.   Happy 2010 ya’ll!!!

P.S. You can find this in specialty print / gift shops around Houston, which is where Blair and I found ours the first time, but I don’t remember the name of the place on Shephard and Google won’t tell me, so no help there. It’ll probably save a lot of time to just order it online.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Her Morning Elegance

In honor of our beautiful morning here in Houston, I wanted to post this video I found because I think it's very cool. It's very well done and entertaining. It's a music video for Oren Lavie, but, I don't know who that is. Regardless, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We've made SO much progress on decorating our house! Our unpacking hit a stand still for awhile, but we've started unpacking the rest of the boxes and are making a lot of progress. We even put together a shelf and oraganized the garage. We're awesome! :) We've been lucky to get so much done after only living in our house for 3 months. We were able to put rooms together that we hadn't even planned on furnishing yet. What can I say?. . . I'm a bargain hunter. So, here is my attempt to post pics of our house, of course I think it looks better in person, and I'm not good at editing so I'm sorry that the text is so small. I'll include additional commentary. Here goes:

This is our breakfast room, it's right off the kitchen and it seats six so we eat most of our meals there.

This is our living room and pictures of a few other decorations. The shelf in the corner is new. I'd like to hang curtains and some art eventually. The floral arrangement I made with my antique sugar mold, the wall of crosses is in the hallway and the bottom pic is decorations above my kitchen cabinets.

This is the master bedroom and bath. The bedroom is blue and brown and the bathroom is red and brown.
Guest Bedroom - I found a bargain bedspread at TJ Max and I also have a black armoire with a tv on top in the corner. The pictures I made out of old calendars. I'm still looking for something to hang over the bed. The guest bathroom is small, but I've decorated with blue and silver.

Second Guest Bathroom - The colors are beige, green and black. The picture is a print of a Monet and we recently hung that over the toilet.

I hope you enjoy! :) I know it's not as exciting for you as it is for me but I just love our house so much. The year long search was worth it! Can't wait for you to come see it, just invite yourself over, I don't mind. ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scary Beyond All Reason

I came across this contest from Best Buy and I think it's hilarious! Send in a picture of your old technology and write a clever description and you could win a $3,500 home theater system. I wish I could enter, but I'm way to high tech and up to date for that.... HA! Rrriiiigggghhhtttt.

Enter HERE:

Watch the Promo:

P.S. My favorite part is 0:33 - 0:39 of the video.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Orange you glad it's fall?

I can't believe it's October already. This year has flown by! I feel like saying that makes me old. Oh well. I love fall. It's my favorite time of year. All the holidays, family, friends, food, fun, fashion, it's all so wonderful! PLUS October means Curtis and I are coming up on our anniversary! In early November we'll be married 3 years! It has been the best 3 years ever! We've accomplished so much and we feel truly blessed with all that we have!

I can't wait to break out my wonderful winter clothes! I have the cutest new sweater (actually 2 new sweaters). I also can't wait to decorate my house for the fall! What are you looking forward too?