Thursday, October 22, 2009

Awww... for me?

Ok, so I’m a nerd and I start thinking about Christmas really early! … like right now. (I'm not the only one!) I’ve already bought a few gifts and I’m so excited to give them, I can’t wait to see the reactions! One of my favorite gifts is to my friend Blair. We have an half-unspoken tradition of buying each other a desk calendar every year. It’s from Snow and Graham and it’s so cute. . . we LOVE it. So every year I buy one and she buys one and we give it to each other. Only, we keep it because that’d be silly to wrap and exchange the same gift. Unwrapping it when it arrives in the mail is just as fun!

So every year when we see each other for the holidays, we let each other know that we’ve bought our Christmas gifts to each other. It’s so fun. This is the calendar we buy each year. If you want one (which you know you do), you should buy it now because they run out quickly. And trust me, the Luxe Paperie site is the cheapest… I’ve done my research.   Happy 2010 ya’ll!!!

P.S. You can find this in specialty print / gift shops around Houston, which is where Blair and I found ours the first time, but I don’t remember the name of the place on Shephard and Google won’t tell me, so no help there. It’ll probably save a lot of time to just order it online.

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  1. I love that calendar!!! Ever since you bought it for me I have bought one every year & give them as gifts too! It is the best calendar!! Thanks for the website, the one I normally get it from is $3 more.