Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We've made SO much progress on decorating our house! Our unpacking hit a stand still for awhile, but we've started unpacking the rest of the boxes and are making a lot of progress. We even put together a shelf and oraganized the garage. We're awesome! :) We've been lucky to get so much done after only living in our house for 3 months. We were able to put rooms together that we hadn't even planned on furnishing yet. What can I say?. . . I'm a bargain hunter. So, here is my attempt to post pics of our house, of course I think it looks better in person, and I'm not good at editing so I'm sorry that the text is so small. I'll include additional commentary. Here goes:

This is our breakfast room, it's right off the kitchen and it seats six so we eat most of our meals there.

This is our living room and pictures of a few other decorations. The shelf in the corner is new. I'd like to hang curtains and some art eventually. The floral arrangement I made with my antique sugar mold, the wall of crosses is in the hallway and the bottom pic is decorations above my kitchen cabinets.

This is the master bedroom and bath. The bedroom is blue and brown and the bathroom is red and brown.
Guest Bedroom - I found a bargain bedspread at TJ Max and I also have a black armoire with a tv on top in the corner. The pictures I made out of old calendars. I'm still looking for something to hang over the bed. The guest bathroom is small, but I've decorated with blue and silver.

Second Guest Bathroom - The colors are beige, green and black. The picture is a print of a Monet and we recently hung that over the toilet.

I hope you enjoy! :) I know it's not as exciting for you as it is for me but I just love our house so much. The year long search was worth it! Can't wait for you to come see it, just invite yourself over, I don't mind. ;)

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  1. Love it!! You did a fab job!!!!!! I really love the living room and the piece you have above your bed, and of course the crosses. When are you coming over again? ;)

    You have a beautiful home!