Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Your Vote On

We know… we know…. we’ve all heard it before… we should vote. I get that. But it really is a pain. Not to mention the fact that is it hard to even find out information ABOUT voting, it’s also a hassle TO vote. I hate the long lines, taking time from work, and practically being ATTACKED by all the ‘supporters’ harassing you to vote for their candidate… that should be illegal by the way. I made it all the way there to vote, the least they could do is LEAVE ME ALONE while I’m trying to vote. Voting is not easy, I get that! That being said:

We really should vote! It is SO important. Even though it is a pain… voting is important and just plain American. Regardless of the number of total voters, the person with the most votes wins. What if none of us stood up for what we believe is right and 1% of the population decided what the majority wanted. (I have no idea what % of people vote, I’m just sayin’)

November 3rd is election day. You should go vote for your mayor and city officials. They do impact your life! They make decisions every day that affect us and none of us seem to care. I don’t attend city council meetings and rarely to I write my city and state officials BUT I do at least vote. It’s the least I can do.

Since finding out who to vote for, where to vote and when to vote is SO stinking hard! I’ve included a few of the resources I use:

Harris County Voting Information

Harris County Early voting locations

Sample Ballot for this election

League of Women Voters

The Texas Senate

Republican National Committee

If you’re not registered to vote, sign up today

There are plenty more! Also, signing up for your party’s newsletter will also keep you informed about when to vote.

Get your vote on people!

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  1. Good points...I wish I was going to be in town on election day...Kris will go vote!