Thursday, October 29, 2009

If You're Happy And You Know It. . .

Imagine a motley crew of high school mis-fits, cheerleaders and football players who are trying to be cool (or stay cool) but can’t help from breaking out in song and dance. Sound familiar? Well I’m not talking about High School Musical I’m talking about the new Fox show GLEE! It’s WAY different and WAY better than HSM1,2, or 3. This show is cheesy. . . but hilarious.  You have to watch it… give it 2 episodes and you’ll be hooked!

The show is starting to have a following.  The cast members are all singers and actors and there are a few broadway stars in the cast so the singing is actually good.  You can buy their music on iTunes and they have several songs within the top 100 songs being downloaded on iTunes. 

You can watch the epidsodes on or check out this clip:

Don't Stop Believin'

Glee:  The Music, Volume 1

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  1. Love this show. That has to be my most favorite clip of the season so far. So glad you watch this show, now I have somebody to discuss it with! :)