Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Day

It is SO mind blowing to think about how one day can change everything that you know.  In one day, you go to the doctor and find out you're having TWINS.  (What?!)  Then one day you go to the hospital and you actually have the twins; then your life is changed forever.  It's so surreal to think about how we have been preparing for something that really we can't understand until it happens.  

It feels like these twins have been a long time coming (especially since they've been kicking all my body parts for so long).  We found out so early that we were having twins, and we've had SO many check ups and ultra sounds and appointments.  It seems to have taken forever to finally get to the point where they are ready and we are ready.  Well, as ready as we can be.  I've had a fair share of anxiety about this life change, but change always brings anxiety, I think.  Even though it's scary, it's also so exciting to think about what life will be like with 3 kids.  What they will look like and what their personalities will be like, etc.

All we can do is prepare and pray!  We are so incredibly thankful that we have had a safe and healthy pregnancy and that the babies are safe and healthy.  Such a relief to make it to the end with no real concerns for them.  What an amazing blessing.

At this point, just days away from their birth, I can't be worried about what this new life will be like anymore.  I am just so excited to meet them and start our life with them.  I know that they will be a blessing in our family. 

Let's just get this show on the road.  :)  Plus my body can't take much more of this torture.  ;)

Come on babies - we are ready to meet you!

xo - Stef

P.S.  Dear babies, get here safely!

P.S.S.  I would like to thank every single person who has done SO much to help us.  I can't even begin to name all the ways that our friends and family have blessed us and REALLY helped me to feel more prepared and capable of doing this twin things.  We have the best people in our life!  WE LOVE EACH OF YOU!

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  1. I am ready to meet the twins too! A lot of people have prayed diligently for the babies and I am so happy things have gone so well. I will continue to pray for you and them until they get here. And know I pray for your whole family all the time. Love you ALL so much. Granna