Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Micah is TWO!

As I mentioned in my last post, Micah turned two in June!!  I can't imagine how so much time has passed with this precious boy in our lives.  He is such a big boy now.  He has gotten so much taller and is a so incredibly busy.

His favorite activity is climbing and jumping.  He climbs on the beds, the chairs, the tables, jumps off the couch, jumps off the toy chest.  All of course, with mommy and daddy telling him to "STOP JUMPING" every five seconds.  I'm so tired of telling him to STOP.  He is definitely testing his parents with obeying right now.

He is talking more and more.  He says Hi, Uh-OH, Ready-Set-GO!, Eat, a version of Thank you, night-night, a version of Amen, and some other words.  But his best word is BYE-BYE.  He's really good at saying BYE-BYE.  It's hilarious, because he practically yells it over and over again until we actually leave where we are.  Sometimes, he won't say it until the visitor is actually gone, then he yells BYE-BYE for a few minutes after they leave.  It's hilarious and adorable!

Micah is probably not too sure about what's going on with Mommy and Daddy and all the changes around our house.  We keep trying to tell him about his Bubba and Sissy that are coming soon.  We tell him every time we go into their room, and try to get him to say it to my belly, but he doesn't really care.  If I lift up my shirt and ask him to kiss bubba and sissy, then he comes over and pulls my shirt down and walks away.  LOL.  I hope he gets used to his new siblings pretty quickly.

Micah just started mothers day out a few weeks ago.  He is not a fan of being dropped off, but he seems to enjoy it.  They tell me he stops crying after a few minutes.  He even naps their sometimes.  He's not doing good at eating his lunch, but he's not really eating much right now anyway.  He just had a big growth spurt a few months ago, so maybe he's just not as hungry now.  Who knows. 

We definitely have our hands full with this busy, messy, wiggly, climbing little boy, but he is so precious and amazing.  I think he'll be a great big brother and he's so sweet that I'm sure he'll learn to love the babies very quickly.

We love our Micah Man!!!

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  1. Awe!!! He is so precious. I can't believe two years has gone by so quickly. Love you Micah Man. Granna