Friday, April 6, 2012

Baby's First Haircut

I can't believe my baby boy is big enough to get a haircut.  I avoided it as long as I could, I was giving him the old man comb over and it was working for me.  He probably could have gone a little bit longer but his daddy was not having it.  :)  I finally had to admit that dad was right, Micah's hair was in his eyes and he was always rubbing his eyes to move the hair.

 Before shot

That's a lot of hair!

So, finally we decided it was time.  We called Aunt Sandra and setup a time.  Micah did really great with his first haircut.  My heart was a little sad but his new haircut sure is cute!!!

 Will someone please help?! No one is listening!
 What is Aunt Sandra doing?!

Well that wasn't so bad

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