Friday, March 30, 2012

Cleaning. . . UGH!

I am a mostly organized person.  I like my house to be picked up and put together and for things to be clean and my chores to be done.  I don't even mind doing dishes and doing the laundry is not THAT bad.  But I DO hate doing the "elbow grease" kind of cleaning.  I despise scrubbing the toilet and the showers, and I most of all HATE cleaning the stove!!!  I mean, who really likes to do those things, unless you're Monica Geller.

I found this one post on Pinterest about cleaning the grates on my gas stove top (which are the WORST to clean) with ammonia and so I had to try it.  This lady promises no scrubbing and I'm hear to tell you it look ALOT of elbow grease but my grates are the cleanest I have EVER seen them.  The stove was here when we moved in and I never could get them clean from day one.  The fumes were awful and I had to open the bags outside but ultimately it did get the grates clean.  So WIN!

The other tip I found was for cleaning the microwave and it is awesome.  Worked like a charm and my microwave smelled like vanilla. This is not my microwave but mine looked like this afterwards.  This one took no elbow grease and I will definitely be doing this again.

I guess the ultimate lesson to keeping a clean kitchen is don't buy a gas stove top (not a fan!!) and don't let your microwave get that bad.  Uh. . . so anyways, I just wanted to pass those along.

Complimentary Pic of the Post
 I will be posting more about Micah very soon,
hopefully this weekend!

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