Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flashbacks and Maternity Pictures

We had a play date with my friend Sarah and her son today, and during our conversations we started talking about when she took my maternity pictures.  I realized I'd never posted them, so flashback about 9 months (this was right before my due date) and imagine a super hot day in June and here we are!

Look how wonderful my husband is, putting on long sleeves and jeans in the middle of June.  Look how wonderful I am for being outside, 9 months pregnant in the middle of June and not having a breakdown.  :)

And look how wonderful Sarah is for capturing such great pictures outside in the middle of June.  She was wearing shorts, smart girl!

We got some really great shots and I'm really happy with them.  I can say this now because I'm not 9 months pregnant, but I'm glad we braved the heat to get these special pictures.  

Sarah is currently taking appointments for photoshoots.  Please check out her website for more info at sarahcrumphotography.com


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