Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Swim Swim, Little Dude

Micah recently had his first experience swimming in the pool.  My parents heated up their pool and the sun was shining bright, so it felt awesome to get in the water.  We bought Micah a floaty and got him a new swimsuit, which I think is just adorable!  He loves the bathtub so I thought he'd love the pool; but when we first put him in, he wasn't so happy about it.

I think it was because he just put him in the floaty and he felt insecure.  So, we took him out and I played with him in the water and let him play on the steps.

After awhile, we put him back in the floaty and he like it.  We pushed him all around the pool and turned him in circles.  We swung the floaty around and he thought it was so fun.  It was adorable!!

He stayed in the pool a long time.  I made sure he was covered because we can't have our little munchkin getting a sun burn. That would be no bueno!  He then had some snuggle time to warm up!!

We're now looking into swim lessons for the summer.  How fun!

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  1. Those water wrinkly feet are too cute! Bekah <><