Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blast From The Past

So. . . I've been sorting through some old files on my computer and I came across a file of pictures that reminded me of several things I've never told you about, so I thought I'd update you. 

We went on a Carnival Cruise in 2009 to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.  It was a great vacation!  I can't wait to go on another cruise!  We had an awesome time and best of all - no cell phone connection for 7 glorious days.  We went swimming with the stingrays, snorkeling in a cave, and zip lining and kayaking in Jamaica. 

We went to Galveston with Curtis' dad, step-mom and other family members - just to hang out.

This is a wreath I made my mommy-in-law.

I had a great birthday dinner with my friends and family - this was August of 2010.

I went wedding dress shopping with my gorgeous sister (well, one of my gorgeous sisters)!

Celebrated my hubby's birthday - Dallas Cowboys style!

We went to Corpus Christi in November of 2010 for a short anniversary celebration.  We had just found out we're going to be parents!  We ate at a two story Whataburger - for reals!  (that was not the highlight of the trip - just so you know - but I thought the Whataburger was cool. Haha)

I have more pics but I think I've filled you in on those events.  I'll try not to wait so long to post pics next time.  :)


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