Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Happening . . .

I'm turning into that pregnant lady.

Well I've been pregnant for awhile now, but I'm turning into that lady that walks funny, can't bend over, walks at the speed of a nail, swollen ankles, etc. . . . the whole nine yards!

This is sad. I usually try to dress nice for work, even though our company is really casual.  But I used to at least put on a nice shirt, heels, jewelry, etc.  Today! today I'm wearing jeans, a plain t-shirt and flip flops.  This is unacceptable to me.  But ya know what, my feet are starting to be swollen all the time, and shoes are just uncomfortable.  Not to mention I can't really pick up anything that's on the floor, so putting on shoes with any sort of strap or tie is not fun.

At least my toes are done!  But you can bet
I didn't paint them.  :)

Anyways, have a happy friday and have patience with your local pregnant lady!



  1. Happens to the best of us! Hang in there. Not much longer!

  2. It's just funny how my perspective has changed now that it's happening to me. I now understand why that poor pregnant lady is always waddling slow as a snail and wearing flip flops and a t-shirt - because that's the best you can do! And buying new clothes/shoes just to wear for the next month is just silly.


  3. Awww you're so cute! haha

  4. I love you so much (and your precious swollen feet too). I am so excited! Not long now... Give me a call soon so we can catch up!