Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was packed with activity but also a lot of fun.  I love weekends spent with friends and family and that's just what we did!

I started off Friday night with a mani/pedi and cooking shrimp etouffee for our friends.  I love cooking for friends although I may not be that good at it.  The etouffee was a little spicy but still edible and we have enough for leftovers.  Yum!

Saturday we had our lawn guys come and update our flower beds - they look much nicer!  Now we have to remember to water them.  (the flower beds. . . not the lawn guys).  Then we packed up and drove to Beaumont to see our families.  Saturday my friends and family gave me a baby shower and it was very nice!  Not only was the shower super cute but so many friends came and were so generous to give us nice gifts.  We are so blessed and we're so grateful!  Saturday night we went to eat with my husbands family at a yummy Italian place and had a great time!

Sunday we went to church with my parents and cooked lunch for my mom.  My mom and I watched Tangled while everyone else took a little nap and then we went swimming in my parents freezing pool!  We then went to dinner, packed up the car and headed back to Houston. 

bee-tee-dub - Tangled was a really cute movie. .  I just love Disney movies. . . well most of them.

I am tired today but it was a good weekend so it's worth it.  This week is busy with dinner plans, bible study, baby classes and of course at least 40 hours of work.  :)

Hope you have a great week!

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