Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Bump Update - 6th Edition

I'm 33 weeks pregnant now. . . man oh man, this is going by so slowly yet so quickly at the same time.  You can catch up on the previous 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th bump updates if you like.

Dr. Visit:
I just went to the Dr. on Friday.  I now have an appointment every two weeks.  They weigh me, check my blood pressure and check the babies heartbeat.  His heartbeat was 144 which is good and strong.  The bad news, I've gained a total of 30 lbs.  As much as I'd like to exclude this info from you, I'll be honest since I was all like excited I only gained a little weight in the beginning.  Now. . . yeah. . .not so excited.  The doc said I could even loose some weight.  So. . . I'll try.

I created a new page where you can see all the bump pictures.  Also, here are the last few weeks since my last post:

29 weeks

30 weeks - Easter weekend

31 weeks - we missed this week (sad face)

32 weeks - yes I know, I'm wearing the same outfit
as my Easter pic.  Don't judge! 
Food Cravings:
I'm still craving sweets but as of my Dr. update above, I need to give these up and start some regular exercise.  I've been trying to eat heathy for my meals and I think I do an ok job.  I just need to cut the sweets and start some exercise.  I've gotten over my cravings for pickles, and my obsession with orange juice, and I'm starting to move on from ice cream.  So, if you see me, don't offer me chocolate or any type of dessert!  Mmmm-k?

Yeah. . .  about that.  I am not really having trouble falling asleep it's just that I'm uncomfortable all the time and wake up frequently.  I've now gotten a pain in my right hip that is getting worse.  We bought a body pillow to help support me while sleeping and it's helping, but now I wake up sweating. 

Baby boy is moving around a lot.  He's getting bigger now and I can feel his movements in several places at the same time.  I don't think he really shifts positions much because I get kicked on the right side and at the top of my tummy all the time, my left side is harder like a back or a bum is over there. I like feeling his movements but it's most uncomfortable at work.  I can't scoot close enough to my desk without my belly being smushed and he pushes against it which really hurts.  Then if I move my belly back, I can't reach my keyboard and so I lean over all day which hurts my back.  It's quite fun. ;)

Oh yeah and the mood swings are back but we won't go there!!!

So, as much as the aches and pains are annoying and uncomfortable, I know it'll all be worth it in the end.  As long as he's heathly and growing big and strong then I'll be ok. 

Until next time!

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