Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Bump Update

So... my pregnancy has been going really smoothly, I feel so lucky.  I haven't really felt pregnant very many days, especially in terms of my bump.  Here are some updates on what's going on with me and baby.

I feel like I'm not really showing much.  I'm still able to wear most of my same clothes although I'm having to loop a rubber band through my pants button and wear longer shirts.  I didn't gain much weight in my first trimester, so that's good. 

We're trying to take pictures weekly, but at first it felt like I'd be taking a picture of nothing.  Once I started to feel like my belly might start to show soon, we started taking pics. 

13 weeks

We missed week 14.  I think that was the Sunday after
Christmas and who knows what we were doing that day.

15 weeks

I have noticed that my belly button is spreading out a little.  It's weird because I didn't expect that yet.  I used to have a very skinny deep belly button (I'm not sure you care about this) and now it's kinda of wider and not as deep. 

I haven't really had any weird cravings.  However, I am the cliche pregnant woman in my desire for pickles and ice cream.  Not together of course, because that would be nasty.  I've always loved pickles and now I'm eating them like a world class pickle eater (what?).  I think I go through at least a jar a week.  They're just SO good.  I'm also wanting ice cream, but not as much as I want pickles.  But hey, if you have some ice cream, sure I'll take some - no problem!

I'm sleeping pretty well.  I'm not getting up during the night as much as I was at first.  I'm still really tired though.  I guess that's God's way of preparing you for a lifetime of no sleep with children.  :)

Yeah so I'm never warm, like ever.  Well expect for the occasional fury of fire that is a hot flash.  So aside from the few hot flashes I've had, I'm always cold.  At home, at work, at church, at friends houses, in the car - Everywhere!  I'm sure my husband finds me oh so attractive in my now-regular wardrobe of slippers, pajama pants and a hoodie.  I got an electric blanket for Christmas and it's my new best friend.  :)

I think I felt the baby move this week.  I mean, I don't know what else it could be, but it's hard to explain - it's like a weird rolling sensation.  Really cool, but a little freaky at first. 

Mood Swings:
Let's just say - YES!  Ya'll please pray for my poor husband.  I'm not sure he likes me anymore and I can't say I blame him.  Hopefully, I'll learn to control these crazy emotional outbursts. . . hopefully. 

Hmm, what else do you want to know?  Or do you not care?  Either way, the baby is doing good, as far as I know.  We're going back to the doctor next week, so hopefully we'll have a good report.

Love ya,


  1. It's funny about the ice cream. I used to love it and eat it all the time, but since I've been pregnant (I'm 12 weeks right now) I haven't wanted it at all! I think it's just that dairy isn't settling with me because I've also lost any taste for yogurt, another of my former favorites.

  2. Pregnancy is wierd! It stinks that you don't want your favorite foods. Maybe you'll re-gain the taste for dairy in your second trimester. :)

  3. I love it!!! I really enjoy reading about your updates!

  4. Is it weird that this post made me want to cry? I wish I could explain how happy this makes me!!!! It's really happening!!! And let me just say: You are adorable in every way!!! (I really didn't mean to rhyme. LOL!)

  5. Thanks Mandy, I'm glad you'll be a part of this!

    Kasey - Thanks for being happy for us and I like your rhyme. ;)