Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Forward to 2011

I must say that I think 2010 was a little rough.  There were good things, but some of 2010 was kicking butt and not in the good way.  So, I am absolutely looking forward to 2011 and hoping/praying for a better year.  Like I said, 2010 has definitely had it's blessings, but it had it's lows too.   :)

I always try to set goals for the year.  I don't always meet them, but at least I have something to shoot for.  I don't believe in New Years resolutions because they never stick.  A goal is something you can keep trying at.  A resolution feels like it's over the first time you fail.

So, here's my list of 2011 goals:
(not a prioritized list)

1.  Have a monthly date night with my husband - just us!
2.  Take an infant CPR/First Aid class before June
3.  Have a weekly budget/bills/filing night to maintain the files consistently.  I'm thinking Tuesdays
4.  Create a monthly budget
5.  Hang all of the items in our house that need to be hung. (curtains, mirrors, pictures, etc.)
6.  Read one book a month (or twelve books by the end of the year) (and not 5 at a time)
7.  Take more pictures of the events and activities we attend
8.  Prepare the baby room before June
9.  Work out twice a week (2 out of 7 days)
10. Cook more meals at home (3-4 times a week)
11.  Read the bible more / memorize at least a verse a month
12.  Blog at least once a week
13.  Learn to knit

So, do ya'll have any ideas to help me out?  What are some cheap dates we can go on?  What are some easy meals to cook regularly?  And how-oh how-do I get to the gym more than once a month?  (OH yeah, stop watching TV!)

What about you?  What are some of your goals for 2011? 

May you all have the best year yet!


  1. Yay for 2011!! I was actually perusing "downtown" magazine today and discovered all this fun stuff to do on and around the bayou ( It sounds pretty cool! One of MY goals is to try to take attention AWAY from food and eating and actually DO stuff. : )

  2. I'd like to know what you found on things to do in the area! Curtis and I keep talking like we have 6 months left until we can't do anything anymore. ;) I know we'll eventually get out of the house after the baby but we want to do some things before he/she comes that we haven't done yet. Let's all do them together!