Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Thoughts on Friday

As soon as I can get a free night, I'm going to post about my sisters bridal shower and show you all the wonderful pics!   But for today, I'm really busy so I just wanted to leave you with a few of my recent random thoughts, mostly occurring while in the shower.  (sorry, TMI)

1.  It's too cold for Texas.  I like Texas because it's not a cold place. . . I don't like this weather.  But I seem to remember a post or two about how hot it is in Texas, hmmm. . . maybe I just don't like the outdoors. 

2.  So, what's up with the zodiac signs changing?  And why should I care?  Do you care?  Someone brought up a good point though, what about all those peeps who had their signs tattooed on their body, I would be pissed!

3.  How in the heck are you supposed to know what to buy for your baby?  I am overwhelmed by the thought of which stroller and car seat to buy.  Can't I just decorate the room instead of worrying about the safety, cost, efficiency of baby items?  Is there a list of the best items to buy that I can trust and that won't require me to spend hours researching all over the web?

4.  Is it bad that I haven't taken down my Christmas decorations yet? . . . and I may not take them down this weekend either.  Just sayin'

5.  Why do people get in the HOV lane and drive slower than the cars outside of the HOV lane?  WHY!  I do not understand this.  Granted not everyone wants to drive 20 miles over the speed limit like me, but at least drive the speed limit!  AND - if you see 45 cars lined up behind you, you should move over or speed up.  Am I the only one who thinks this is common sense?  SIGH.

6.  Why does all the music on the 'pop' radio stink so bad?  Does anyone sing anymore?  Or is music just electro-voice track over some techno beats?  If that's music, can I do that?  I would probably only be popular if I wore a meat dress or had purple hair.  I'd also have to come up with some ridiculous name.  I think I'm becoming more of a country music fan.  Anyone else thing Taylor Swifts last album is not really a country album?

7.  Why did I make so much spaghetti for dinner the other day?  I've been eating it forever.  Good thing I like spaghetti.  :)

8.  Is this post boring?

Hmm, so for better or for worse, those are some random thoughts from a moody pregnant woman. 

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. I love reading your blog updates. I put you on my Google reader so I wouldn't miss any of your post. As far as how to decide what to buy, I looked at consumer reports website for some stuff and for other stuff I read the reviews on Babies R Us website. I am thinking about making a blog post( I haven't updated the boys blog in several months)of things I found completely useless and things that I couldn't live without.

  2. Hey Krista! I tried to answer the other day but my computer woudn't cooperate. Thanks for reading my blog, I didn't know you had a blog. Thanks for the post about the items you liked, very helpful!

  3. Well I have a blog but it never gets written in. It is one of those things I wish I had started when I was pregnant. So keep on blogging you will be glad you did!