Friday, April 29, 2011

Five on Friday. . . again

Hey!  It's Friday again!  Whoooo-hoooo!  I have been wanting to blog about all kinds of things but life has been pretty busy lately.  I'm hoping to catch up on my blog posts soon but this weekend is also very busy so we'll see.  So, I apologize for posting Five on Fridays two weeks in a row, but it's my blog and you have to deal with it.  ;)

1.  I watched the wedding of William and Kate!  Don't get me wrong, I most certainly DID NOT wake up at 3am to watch it, but I did DVR it and fast forward 90% of it this morning, which takes longer than you think.  I can't imagine what it must have felt like to get married in front of the whole world.  I am a little sad that their wedding was so incredibly formal and not very personal but what can you expect from the British Royalty, right?!  I thought Kate's dress was very beautiful and she looked amazing but I was a little disappointed that it wasn't a little bit more 'princess-ey'.  I didn't really expect the grandeur of Princess Diana but I expected a little bit more.  Either way - still beautiful!

2.  I get to see my mommy and daddy this weekend.  Whenever I'm missing them I call them mommy and daddy.  They are going to come visit Sunday afternoon. . . Yay!

3.  I led a client meeting this week, which happens often, but this time my account manager was on the phone.  Afterwards she told me I said "ya'll" too much.  This is a bummer because I didn't realize I did that AND I'm born and raised in Texas. . . how can I not say Ya'll?!  Guess I will try.  I made a note and put it on my keyboard. 

4.  I want to show ya'll (catch that?) this website that I visit often.  It's called Cheap Chic Daily.  It's the cutest blog.  They post all kinds of fashion items that they've found for good prices.  I especially love the posts where they show you the cheap, cheaper, cheapest version of a shoe or a bag or whatever.  Very helpful in making a fashionista wish list - cause if I bought everything I liked, I'd be broke.  Check them out!

5.  I'm attending my first 'mom' event today.  Our Sunday school class has a moms group and they schedule events for the moms to do.  This is a working moms lunch close to my office so I can actually attend. 

I hope you (not ya'll) have a great weekend!

Take Care,

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