Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Here to Report. . .

A good checkup from the Dr!  I'm 30 weeks pregnant this week and we went in yesterday for an ultrasound to check on my placenta previa and see our baby boy.  I'm happy to report all is great!  He's doing really well and right on track with his growth.  Praise God for a healthy baby!

We saw baby fingers and toes, little feet and knees, hair, and a button nose.  He was sucking his lips during the ultrasound and kicking me.  He didn't really want to move his hand away from his face so we didn't get a good pic of his face.  It does look like he has chubby cheeks though! 

The ultrasound tech and the Dr. both said everything looks really great.  He weighs approx. 3lbs. 8oz. right now.  They said his heart, brain, stomach, kidneys, etc. all look good.  He's still a boy so that's good . . ya know. . . since we already painted the room.  ;)

I also don't have placenta previa anymore which means I don't have to have a c-section (unless something else comes up). YAY!   If you want to know what placenta previa is just Google it, it's not gross. I'm not sure I would recommend an image search though, no telling what you'd find.

I'll upload a few of the ultrasound pics in my next baby bump update.  They weren't great pics, it's sometimes so hard to tell what they're taking a picture of.

What I'm NOT happy to report is that we waited almost 3 HOURS for the dang ultrasound.  They told me ahead of time that they'd have to "work me in" but I thought that meant like a 30 - 45 min delay - maybe an hour.  3 hours is SLIGHTLY RIDICULOUS!  Or alot ridiculous actually.  I was so upset by the time I actually got in to the ultrasound room.  Then I still had to see the Dr. which made us late for another appointment we had made for later in the afternoon.  I mean I really didn't want to waste 3 hours of my precious vacation time to sit in a very uncomfortable chair with a baby kicking me in the ribs.  COME ON PEOPLE! 

Ok - I just had to vent.  Thank you!

At least the Dr. apologized but I will never agree to be "worked in" again.  Not happenin sista!

Anyways, we're just happy to have a good report from the Dr.  We're praying he'll continue to grow and be healthy until he's ready to meet the world.

Take Care!  Talk to ya soon.

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