Friday, April 22, 2011

Five on Friday

Happy Good Friday Everybody!  Guess what - I have to work today. . . do you?  I bet you don't - I think I'm the only one.  Oh well.  Today's post is Five on Friday. . . this really has nothing to do with Ten on Tuesday, it's just that I'm - you know - THAT creative and witty.  ;)

1.  It's Easter! Yay. I love this holiday because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what is better than that?! NOTHING. And without his resurrection - he would be just a prophet or a man of 'the church'. . . . but because he rose from the dead that makes him GOD! And it makes him our saviour. And that is an un-measurable gift - free to you and me and it's worth celebrating! FYI - Easter is SO not about the candy and the Easter bunny. Just sayin'

2.  We took a infant CPR and safety class last night.  I'm really glad we did because we felt totally unprepared if we ever had an emergency in the future.  I'm glad that the steps aren't that hard.  I was afraid it'd be really complicated or something I couldn't remember.  We also learned how to deal with chocking and how to install the car seat properly.  Maybe we'll be good parents after all.  ;)

3.  I actually want to watch the wedding of William and Kate.  I mean who doesn't want to see a princess in her wedding dress?!  Plus, my mom always told me I should marry Prince William (don't worry Curtis - that was before she met you) and so I have to see what my wedding would have looked like.  Haha - just kidding.  I do like celebrity gossip and nonsense so I think this is the perfect event to waste some time on.  ;)  I hope her dress is amazing AND I really want that blue dress from when they announced their engagement.

4.  I am SUPER excited about a creative project I'm working on with one of my friends.  I think this endeavor will be successful and a lot of fun.  We're in the setup / trial stages so I'll tell you more about it in the coming weeks.  I'll aslo make an announcement when we're ready.  YES - It does have something to do with Etsy - of course!!!

5.  Bummer News - I think I mentioned this for a moment but our car was broken into last week.  They busted out the back drivers side window and took a bag I had of personal papers.  To-do lists, journal, bible study book, research on different things, and probably bills of some sort.  This was at Fudruckkers by the way - and they don't have video cameras in their parking lot.  So, please, next time you go somewhere, park where you (or someone) could see your car from the restaurant.  Since I couldn't remember exactly what was in the bag we had to replace all our credit cards, put a watch on our credit and I'm still trying to update all of our accounts / auto-drafts with the new credit card info. . . such a pain in the . . . um . . . neck!

6.  Ok I had to add a #6 because I can't end a Friday (especially GOOOOD Friday) talking about our car being broken into.  Maybe I should call this post Six on Saturday and post it tomorrow. . . but I won't.  Um . . let's see. . . Oh yeah.  I'm meeting with a photographer tonight to talk about an infant, 6 month, 1 year photo shoot for our baby boy.  I really love the newborn photos with them all curled up in a ball and sleeping - so cute!

I hope you all have a great weekend, enjoy some time with friends and family and take some time to think about what Easter and the resurrection of Christ means to you.

Love ya!

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  1. youre really talking to a photography when hello you are related to two!! mainly your SISTER!!! ugh im offended!! You know Lane and I do do photography FYI.