Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Etsy Store - Coming Soon

I've decided to launch and Etsy store to sell holiday and floral wreaths that I make.  If you remember from a post awhile back, I decided to make my own wreaths when I discovered how much they are at Hobby Lobby.  (No offense Hobby Lobby, you know I love you) I've been making wreaths for my family and friends for awhile now and I have decided to try and sell them. 

I'm working hard to get my wreaths complete and up on my Etsy store ASAP.  I'll announce it here when I launch the site.  If you notice, I added banners for my store to the right column of my blog.  I would be honored if you'd add my banner to your site, but give me a little while to get the site launched before you do.  :)  Please check back soon!


  1. Ooo!!! Who did your banner? I need one.

  2. I worked with a freelance designer I know. Give me a call, we can discuss it further.

  3. I want a wreath so let me know as soon as your set up!!!! EXCITED