Friday, October 15, 2010

BCAF 2010

This past weekend, my friend and I want to the Bayou City Art Festival in Downtown.  I had been wanting to go to this event for several years now, but everytime I hear about it or think to look it up, the event had passed.  I was so excited to go, especially since the weather had been so nice for the last few weeks.  Turns out the day we went, it was back up to 90 degrees.  :(  Needless to say a cold beverage was needed.

I love art.  I love seeing what other people create.  It makes me hope that one day, in a future life, that I'll be a super cool artist who sells art at festivals and shows.  And if you're a millionairre you can have really cool and unique art pieces in your home.  But since I can't afford $700 paintings and $4,000 sculptures, I just took pictures. 

I recently got a new digital camera so I was very excited to try it out.  I can't wait to use my new camera for all sorts of events!  I will defintitely be posting more pics I take with my new camera.

Here are some of the cool things I saw at the festival.  I tried to make a slideshow but apparently Blogger doesn't have a slideshow for inside posts.  Anyone know how to do that?

This was a wooden sculpture - very cool!

These were some sort of decorative instrument
and very expensive, but really pretty.

A very cool painting.  The tree had words written on it and the birds were cut out with materials behind them such as
rulers and metal pieces. 

I call this guy a cute monster.  I think he's super cute.  The artist had these little guys carrying off yard gnomes and giving flowers and riding baking wisks.  It was super cool.

These guys were awesome.  They were bronze statues of different humpty-dumpty-esk eggs.  They all had cute names like a slutty egg named "Over Easy".  They were super expensive.  The big ones she had were $4,500.  These were probably my favorite items because they were so detailed and clever.

There were a group of these very colorful yard decorations.  They spun and moved around with the wind (I guess I should call them weather vanes).  I liked these alot because they were so colorful.  I didn't look at the price tag because I'm sure it would have had several zeros on it.

I have a lot more pictures that you can see on my flickr.

Have a good weekend.   - Bye


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  1. Aw, man!!! I feel the SAME WAY about this festival! I ALWAYS miss it! Please remind me next year! *tear*