Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Currently in October

So. . . what's going on with me in October?  Well just the usual - work, church, friends, family and fun.  :)  But here are a few more things.

Current Book(s):
So when I was reading too many books last month, I haven’t been reading much at all this month. I just bought the new Nicholas Sparks book (YAY) but I’m hesitant to start reading it because I have so many other books that I’m a portion of the way through. Hmmm. . . what to do?!

Current Playlist:
Lately I’ve been jamming to Van Morrison – one of my favorite artists ever. However, this past week the Christian group Shane & Shane was at my church and I was reminded of how much I loved their music during college – so that’s back on the table.

Current Color:
I’ve been really into purple lately. It’s all I wear and recently all I buy. I wonder why.   I've also been wearing Pamplona Purple.  What do you think?

Current Drink:
I’ve been loving me some water lately. I’ve never been a huge water drinker (mostly b/c I hate going to the bathroom that much). I’ve also never liked lemon in my water but over the past few months – water with lemon has become my staple.

Current Food:
Well Asian food has been a favorite of mine for a long time running. I love Thai food, Chinese food, Vietnamese food and I can’t get enough. I’ll eat Asian over American any day of the week!

Current Favorite Show:
It's still How I Met Your Mother – I mean, you read my blog, you know this about me.  :)

Current Wishlist:
Time and Sleep. I wish I could go to bed earlier and sleep through the night but for some reason I’m waking up like an hour before my alarm. I bet it’s that stupid dog at the house behind us. He starts throwing his metal bowl across the concrete porch at like 6am every day. Boy do I love that dog.  :|

Current Needs:
I NEED to finish making my wreaths. I’m opening an Etsy.com store for holiday wreaths ASAP and I need to finish my wreaths now!!! I’m running out of time!!  AHHHHH.

Current Triumphs:
Finishing about half of the wreaths I’ve planned to sell AND getting my store setup. Can’t wait to launch!

Current Celebrity Crush:
Justin Timberlake – ya know. . . if I had to pick.  :)

Current Outfit:
Jeans and a purple shirt (see above) and black wedges.

Current Excitement:
VACATION!!!! Don’t know where we’re going yet but we’re going!

Current Link:
LFT – If you’re not reading Lauren From Texas, you should. I actually used to work with Lauren at a company that shall remain nameless. We became friends but haven’t seen each other in awhile. Her blog is cute and funny and Lauren is an excellent writer. You’ll love her, I promise.

So, what have you been up to in October?

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