Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cooking Class: 30 Minute Meals

This week, my best friend and I went to cooking class. Why you ask? Well because we wanted too and because we got a discount! We had a hard time choosing which class we wanted to take but since we both work full time and she’s a full time student, we decided 30 min meals sounded like the bees knees. (does anyone say ‘bees knees’ in real life?, I don’t)

It was a 3.5 hour class and we prepared 6 dishes! Two chicken, two fish and two steak. All of them were delish but some of them were less than my favorite. It was hard to wait for the first dish to be done because I was SO hungry and it smelled so good. So while the first one was baking, we prepared the second one, and so on and so forth. :)

We made the following dishes.
Baked Cod with Avocado, Shrimp, Cream and Cheddar Cheese
This was really good. The cream on top of the fish and the cheddar cheese baked on top was so good! The baked avocado was a good flavor too!

Sirloin with Bok Choy, Soy Sauce and Ginger with side of Coconut Rice
This was good. I think we added too much soy sauce because it was very salty. I think if it wouldn’t have been so salty, I would have liked it more.

Parmesan Fish Fillets with Avocado and Cress Salad
This was probably my least favorite. It was fish coated in shredded parmesan and pan fried. It was fine.

I had no idea what cress was but it’s an herb that has a unique flavor. I liked it a lot.

Chicken Goujons with Noodles
This was my favorite. It was an Asian-inspired chicken dish with spice, soy sauce, honey and cilantro – served over noodles.  DELISH!

Paprika Sirloin Steak Wraps
This was so delish. We put paprika and olive oil on the steak – that’s it! but it was delish! We also put cress and Greek yogurt in this wrap which made it really good.

Chicken Breast Baked in a bag with Cannellini Beans, Leak, Cream and Oregano.
This was fine. I think I would have added a few diff ingredients but it was a good recipe to learn because I can easily make it my own.

I’m so glad we went. We learned some things I never knew about cooking in general. Like, did you know that adding salt to you water makes the time it takes to boil increase? I always thought you were supposed to add salt before it boiled. . . but no!

Oh and she taught us how to tell if a steak is done by poking the steak and comparing it to a portion of your hand.  I had never heard of this but apparently it's a thing.  My husband knew about it.  (raised eyebrows)

We’re going to go to one other class and I’m excited to see what classes are offered next. Maybe one day I’ll be like a chef or something. . . or not.


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