Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bring On The Christmas Spirit

One day as I was browsing through my favorite website ever,, and I came across a very beautiful Christmas wreath (I think Christmas wreaths are usually very cheesy). Problem is, it was $88 and I think that's a lot to pay for something you hang on your door. So, being the some-what crafty person that I am, I decided, "I can totally make that".

So I took my first opportunity to stop by the best place on earth, Hobby Lobby, and picked up the 50% off christmas ornaments I wanted to use to make my wreath.  Then I talked my mom into letting me make her one too so we went BACK to Hobby Lobby and picked up more supplies.  I really like the different size ornaments and the 'messy' look of the wreath's leaves in the one pictured above, but I think mine came out great for only costing $25.  What do you think?

This is my wreath                                                       

This is my moms wreath

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