Friday, February 17, 2012

365 Update

Hey Friends,

I've been keeping up with taking my 365 pictures and usually end up loading them in batches (sorry).  So, as of right this second (the second of me writing this, not the second that you're reading this because I don't know when you're reading this) I am all up to date on my 365 pictures.

You can scroll back through January and then view February's pics on my profile.  I know there are a lot of pictures of Micah, but really. . . I spent pretty much every second with him so it's only natural that he ends up in a lot of my pictures.  Plus Curtis usually doesn't want to be in my pictures.  He sometimes picks on me about taking my 365 picture every day.  But when he does that I threaten to put him IN the picture and then he lets me be.  :)

Anyway, Happy Friday and I hope ya'll have a great weekend.  Toodles - Stef

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