Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tweet Tweet Says The Bird

So I now speak in cute little sentences from all the baby books I'm reading to my son daily (hence the title). . . I'm just kidding of course.

ANYWAYS, I wanted to tell you about the most adorable and perfect little bird houses that my brother-in-law builds and is now selling.  He's a talented dude and I know his birdhouses are very well built.  As he put it, even the little birdies need a home.  You can buy your little neighborhood birdies a house for $25.

I have my eye on the one on the back right, so you can have it you want, but if not I'm going to take it.  If you're interested in one, message me here or email me at stefstallings [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll get you the info.

OH and he made the most fabulous birdhouse for my mom, with a picket fence, and a tin roof, and it has several levels and is painted green and it's awesome.  So, if you want to place a custom order, I'm sure he could accommodate.


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