Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday, Kinda

Usually I take the questions being posted on Chelsea's blog but this week I didn't think my answers to the questions would be worth reading, so I'm going to update you on ten things going on in my life.

1.  OMG - I saw on the news last night the Kroger will no longer be doubling and tripling coupons. I think this is a HUGE mistake for them. That is basically the only reason I go to Kroger. HEB is closer and has a better produce section, but I can save more at Kroger with combining their sales with my doubled or tripled coupons. I'm sure there will be a ton of upset shoppers. Not cool Kroger! Not cool!

2.  OMG AGAIN - This morning I realized that Beltway 8 is now connected to Hwy 59 by my house.  I'm sure you don't care but this is a big deal for us.  The beltway / connection to 59 has been under construction for at least two years.  The fact that I don't have to sit through a million red lights on the access road to get onto 59 is huge news.  YAY us!  BOO that I now have to pay a toll to use it.  Boy, do I love Houston. 

3.  I'm currently in a bible study and we're reading "When Wallflowers Dance" by Angela Thomas.  I'm really liking this book a lot.  It's about really engaging in your relationship with God and becoming the person He has intended for me to be.  It's really challenging me and making me think.  I'm really getting a lot out of this book.

4.  We went to our friends church this past Sunday since he was preaching the main service.  He was also talking about having an intimate relationship with God and he showed this YouTube video and I thought it was a great skit about letting God mold your life. 

5.  Next weekend is my baby sisters 18th birthday (sniff, sniff - I remember when she was born).  We are tentatively having a crawfish boil - if we can find enough crawfish and I'm very excited about this.  I mean I guess it's cool that it's my sisters b-day but CRAWFISH! - that's something to be excited about.  (Just kidding Becky - mostly!)

6.  I am super excited about getting the baby's room setup.  I will do another update here soon with more pics, but for now there's not much to actually see.  However, I've made some decisions and some purchases which is good and I'm currently still within my budget!  I will post more pics soon.  I'm also going to the Dr. this week so I'll do a baby bump update a few days after that, so stay tuned. 

7.  I recommend you buy stock in tums.  I'm telling you, this pregnant lady carries them around everywhere she goes!  It's a must have item in my purse.  I'm glad the heartburn waited this long to find me, but it's found me now and I am on Fye-ah!  Lol.  Tums has been a life saver.  By the way - the fruit kind - not so good!

8.  I've told you before about my list-making habits.  It's who I am, I like lists.  My to-do list is outta-control.  It makes me feel better to write down every little thing I'd like to do or need to do, but then the list is forever long.  I'm ok with this.  However, I've had to segment my to-do lists and for now I'm focusing on the 'baby' to do list.  Soon to do - schedule a tour of the hospital and an infant first aid class.  I'm not sure if I want to take any other classes, but first-aid is a must have for me.  I know nothing about caring for someone who is hurt and my sister, the nurse, will not always be available.  But I totally expect her to answer all of my phone calls - even if it's at 3am!  But I need a back-up plan.  I know 911 is always the best option but I can't call them every time my kid sneezes.  They'll get mad at me. 

9.  My dad's website is now launched.  Surprise, I've been working on my dad's website.  Well it's not really his website. . per-say, it's the website for the church that he is the Sr. Pastor of.  We had a similar site before but it was on this horrible CMS system that shall remain nameless.  We moved it to Wordpress and updated some of the features.  It's like 99% done but you can view it now.  (In my official voice) I acted as the Sr. Project manager on this project and the client and the team are very happy with the results! 

Go to http://www.agapegroves.org/ to check out the website and my home church.

10.  I've been thinking about highlighting some of my favorite blogs here.  I'm not sure if I'll do that regularly, but for today I recommend Harpers Happenings.  This is the blog of a stay-at-home-mom who has the CUTEST! little girl named Harper.  Harper is very entertaining and the stories her mom tells are hilarious.  I love it when they post videos  (check this one out) . . . seriously good entertainment!  Go check her out if you want a super duper dose of cuteness.

Well that's all for my Ten on Tuesday.  Sorry if it's too long.  :)


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