Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Progress!

We’ve slowly but surely been getting ready for the arrival of our baby boy. We only have 95 days left so I’m feeling like it’s crunch time. It’s kinda overwhelming knowing where to start or what needs to be done, so we just started with one item and moved on to the next – one thing at a time, right?!

We have started to register and are about 90% done. We still need to find a stroller and car seat which is very overwhelming. We’re not sure what the best option is so we’re starting with researching online resources and asking friends.  I'm sure we'll figure it out - at some point.  :)

We have started on the room. My friend Mandy helped me clean out the baby’s room. We had kept it an empty room (we had future plans for it) but the closet was stuffed with all my Christmas stuff and all the stuff that just doesn’t belong anywhere. For now, most of that stuff is going in the attic, but some of it had to be moved to my husbands’ “room”. He had taken over one of our spare closets for his hunting stuff and it’s now split in half to share with my crafting stuff. I made sure nothing was touching his hunting stuff. . . I wouldn't want to get glitter on the camo!

I’ve found the baby bedding at Target. I mostly picked it out for the colors but I also love the fact that it’s not “babyish” but “boyish” instead.

We’ve pretty much picked out this crib and changing table from Babies R Us. It may change between now and the time we order it – which needs to be done like yesterday! We also need to decide on a recliner / glider. Those things can be expensive! I don’t want a cheap one because I want it to be comfortable but man I do not want to pay more than the cost of the crib for a CHAIR!

We’ve started the process of painting the room! WooHOO! I’m so excited. My wonderful hubby took me to Lowe’s on Saturday and we picked out paint to match the bedding. On Sunday, we finished moving everything out of the room and taped off the room. Then my honey started by painting the ceiling! He started painting the walls on Monday.  I’m so excited that we’ve started and it’ll be finished soon.
The darker blue is for the walls and
the lighter blue is for the ceiling.

The room is taped off and here is a pic of the ceiling. 
The walls are in progress now!!

I’ve also started planning some of the decorations. I’m probably getting most of the items off Etsy, but I also found a cool photo mobile at Urban Outfitters that I’m going to use to make my own mobile. I’ve found some of the other items at Target like a mirror and a shelf, so it's all starting to come together!

We’ve also been gathering the necessary items for our little Mr. since all his family members have been giving him bibs and clothes and diapers. I’m also buying a few diapers here and there when they’re on sale and I have a coupon. I know I’ll find a brand that works, but for newborn diapers, I’m just buying what’s on sale. I figure we’ll change his diaper so much in the beginning that it won’t really matter much if the brand turns out not to be my favorite. Maybe I’ll be wrong about that though.

We still have so much more to do but I know it’ll all come together and it makes me feel better to be making progress. It'll be exciting to start moving things into the room soon! 

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