Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Really Old Dude

So I was at lunch today with my coworkers and we were sitting outside under the patio. This really, really, really old dude pulled up in his mini van, parked right in front of our table and made his way slowly into the restaurant. About forever later he came out with a to-go order and started heading to his car. I was watching him because I was totally planning to jump my pregnant self up and save him if he took a tumble, which I was sure he was going to do. He was almost to his car and he just kinda stopped and paused for awhile. He started looking at our table then slowly made his way over to our group.

He said, “Hey – What side of the chicken are the feathers on?” and someone in our group said “the outside”. He said we were right then we all laughed a courtesy laugh.

AND THEN – he said he had one more for us. “One day, this lady gathered up all of her bills and burned them, do you know what her name was?” (silence on our part) then he said “Bernadette”. Then we all laughed.

Then he said “have a nice day” and went on his way. I think he enjoyed making us laugh.

I’m thinking - ba dum ching

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