Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm not sure how to start this blog, but I'll just go ahead and state: My grandpa died last Saturday. We knew he was not doing well, but we weren't sure how much longer he would be here. Curtis and I had planned on going to see him Sunday afternoon but he died Saturday night. So Sunday we headed to Beaumont, the visitation was on Monday and the funeral was on Tuesday.

I've never had anyone close to me die before so I knew this was going to be hard. I will miss my 'Pappy' very much. I grew up with him in my life and I loved to go spend the weekend with my granparents. I've learned so much from them throughout my life. I was reminded of how great a man he was by the things people said about him. My grandparents have always demonstrated God's love in their lives by helping anyone and everyone who needed anything. My extended family is HUGE due to all the people they've 'adopted' over the years. You never knew who was going to show up at our family dinners. They are a true picture of serving God.

My grandma has been very strong, taking care of my granpa for the years since he's been diagnosed with cancer. She knows in her heart that he is in a better place, we all do. So we take comfort in knowing that we'll see him again. I can't wait! I am so thankful for the hope that I'll have him in my life again one day. I have a great family, ALL of them are awesome people who have helped make me who I am today, and for that I'm so thankful!

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  1. Stefanie,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how much your grandpa meant to you and I am sad to hear of his passing. I will pray that you continue to be comforted in knowing you will see him again.

    God Bless,