Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Happens In Vegas. . .

. . . Stays on Facebook and YouTube forever.  HAHA.  Luckily we didn't do anything on our recent trip to Vegas that would be embarrassing if it just so happened to be posted online.

We are so blessed (and extremely thankful) to have family available to keep our little guy so we could have a few glorious days away.  I really enjoyed sleeping in, coming and going on our own time, getting dressed before noon (on my part, Curtis is always dressed before noon), eating my food before it got cold, and even taking afternoon naps.  Oh how I was spoiled.

 Love this guy!

We stayed at Caesars and it was SO beautiful.  I've never stayed in such a nice hotel room, I loved it.  It was quite a hike from our room to the lobby, but there was a Starbucks on the way (in the hallway) so if I needed a pick-me-up. . . there it was! 


 All of the buildings in the pic are a part of Caesars

 Even the bathroom was beautiful!

We spent our mornings having a long breakfast/brunch on the patio at restaurant at Paris (the hotel).  Then we'd walk. . . and walk. . . and walk. .  and then walk some more.  If you go to Vegas, be prepared to walk.  We went to all the different hotels, looked around, did some shopping, some eating, and some relaxing. Luckily the weather was beautiful, not too hot at all, so the walking was nice!

 We ate here every morning

 Looking up from our breakfast spot

The first night we went to Fremont street, which is an entertainment district in downtown Vegas.  They had live music, street artists, zip lining over the street, and of course more casinos.  There were several very talented artists there! I would definitely recommend going there at night. . . just because of all the lights!

 Fremont Street

 Live Music

The second night, we saw the Cirque De Soleil show LOVE.  It's the beatles show.  We had awesome seats.  The show was really fun and I of course loved the music!!  It was like a party!

So close to the stage!

 A lot of fun!

The third night we went the The Wynn and saw the show La Reve.  It's a water/acrobatics show.  We really enjoyed that show as well.  The set designs and coreography on these shows is really amazing.  I can't imagine how much work goes into those shows.  They sure are fun to watch!

 The stage before the La Reve show started. . . pretty cool!

The stage after the show was over

The Wynn was one of the prettiest hotels I've ever seen.  It was also one of the most expensive we found in Vegas, which is why we didn't stay there.  :)  They had several restaurants and we ate at a Asian food place that was decently priced and decently delicious, haha. 

Inside the lobby at The Wynn.

Inside The Wynn

Here are a few more pics from our trip.  I'm so happy and thankful we were able to get away for a few days.  But we sure did miss our little guy.  Reportedly, we did so good and was on his best behavior without us.

 We had dinner with these guys one night

Water show at the Bellagio

 I got a new shirt while I was there. 
Alone time shopping therapy was awesome!

Oh on a side note. . . Caesars had an escalator that was curved.  Never seen that before!

Leaving. . . on a jet plane
Love you Babe!!

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