Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Month Pictures

Ok, I finally took Micah's 10 month pictures and after you see these, you'll know why it took me so long to work up the energy to take these.  Micah does NOT want to sit still for anything.  He doesn't want to sit at all.

I may have to start taking these with someone else to help me.  Daddy may need to make a debut in the next set of pics.  :)  Maybe then I could get some pictures that are in focus, but probably not!

It's very challenging to keep him from falling off the couch and take a picture.

He hates laying down. I'm surprised he doesn't sleep standing up.  But I'm glad he doesn't. . . that would be creepy!

He fussed the whole time.

Still not happy, so mommy gave up.

Until next time!!  :)

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