Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June. . . You So Craaazy!

So, here we are June 1st and my month is definitely set to be outta control!  Not only am I due to have a baby (so crazy!) but we're also swamped with activities for family and friends (all good things!).

- Sisters high school graduation
- Cousins 5th birthday party
- Family wedding
- Friends baby shower
- Other friends baby shower
- Other friends baby shower
- Friends wedding
- Fathers Day
- Sister-in-laws birthday
- Maw Maw-in-laws birthday
- Cousin-in-laws birthday
- Best friends birthday
- Have a baby at some point!  I'm so hoping it happens in June and not July!

P.S.  Everytime I say I'm due June 26th, someone tells me that they or their "insert relative here" were born in June (that's a lot of peeps).  Then they tell me what day NOT to have him.  ;)  I'll do my best to accomodate everyone. Haha.

- Weekly bible study
- Weekly Dr. visit for me and baby

Meal Plan:
I've decided to plan ahead - here's what I have so far.
- Gumbo
- Southwest Ckn Cassarole
- Grilled Fish n' veggies
- Spaghetti
- Ckn Salad Sandwhich
- Breakfast for dinner
- Chalupa Chips / Taco night
- Ckn Monica (pasta!)

- Maternity pics
- Dinner with cousin
- Pack bag for hospital
- Assemble and install car seat!
- Work 40 hours a week

Taking a deep breath now.  Well - here we go!  Wish me luck.

I'm thinking this is a good thing because we'll probably be at home a lot during July and August.  So might as well get out of the house now, huh! 



  1. Good Luck, Stef. My baby came 2 weeks early, so get ready for any day now. What hospital are you delivering at? Jackie Garcia

  2. Dang Stef - and I thought I was busy. :) you are soo close!!