Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Bump Update - 7th Edition

So, we are reaching the final countdown a-la Europe style. 19 days and counting!

Dr. Visit:
I'm down to weekly visits to the Dr. now.  I'll spare you the details but basically little guy shows no signs of making his debut.  My blood pressure and his heart rate are good.  He is measuring "good".  Apparently if everything is as it should be, my Dr. just says "good".  So, I'm going to take that for what it is and assume everything is normal or she'd say something.

I've gained a total of 29 lbs.  I am not completely horrified by that number but I hope it doesn't increase too much over the next 3 weeks.  That said, I know baby needs to gain weight so I'll try to maintain my weight and let him grow.
You can check out the bump page for a view of the whole progression. 

34 weeks

35 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks

Food Cravings:
I wouldn't say I have any cravings specifically.  I'm still just stuck on sweets and have been for awhile now.  That could possibly, maybe be what's contributing to the number on the scale, but I'm not positive about that.  ;)  With several baby showers, I've had plenty of sugar and my sweet tooth is LOVING it. 
Eh.  Some nights I crash and sleep for 5-6 hours at a time.  Other nights, I'm up 3-4 times.  It's like I have a baby in my belly or something.  Haha.  Gods way of preparing me I guess.  It's not so much the getting up that bothers me because I can usually go back to sleep; it's just that I wake up still tired and sore.  Sometimes I wake up feeling like there's a baby sitting on my sternum.  Haha. 

All the time!  Baby boy is so big now that I feel him everywhere, all at the same time.  He is constantly moving around in there, which is a good thing.  Makes me want to meet him.

I try to exercise. . . TRY being the key word there.  My hubby and I go on walks around the neighborhood and about two miles is all I can take.  It is sad.  I did go to the gym the other day and do some light arm and shoulder exercises.

What I'm Looking Forward To:
We are very much looking forward to meeting our baby.  I know he should stay in my belly a few more weeks, but we're ready and can't wait to finally hold him!

There will probably only be one more baby bump update after this!  Whooo Hooo!

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