Sunday, September 18, 2011

Micah's 2 Month Check Up

On Friday, we took our little dude to the Dr. for his two month check up.  He is a very healthy boy.  He now weighs 12lbs and 7.5oz.  He was born at 7lbs and 4oz.  He is in the 46% on weight.  He's 23.38 inches long (the 44%) and is in the 89% for head size (smart boy!)  I like our doctor.  She answered all of my silly new mom questions and was very helpful. 

Then we had to get shots . . . dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

This is Micah hanging out waiting for the nice doctor
to show up. . . Thinking La la la - cool light

This is Micah hiding from the doctor once he found out
she wasn't so nice and was going to give him shots. . . Thinking Maybe she won't find me

Unfortunately, he wasn't stealthy enough and the doctor found him (actually the nurse) and gave him his shots anyway.  It was so sad (mostly for mommy) and I had to come home and snuggle him because he I needed to be comforted.

Then we went home and all took a nap on the couch. 

Notice the bugs bunny bandaids - my poor baby!

Mommy gave him a Batman sticker for being such a brave boy. Hahaha.

--  The End  --


  1. Just love the stealth mode!!! Cutest picture of all!!! Isn't our baby smart!!! Love you Micah .... Grandma!!

  2. A batman sticker can make everything better! Love you guys - Callie