Monday, September 27, 2010

Season Premiere - Recap

So, as you know, I was excited for premiere week. I’ll have you know that I did not watch all 16 shows (whew!). But I did watch my favorites and a few new ones.

My my take on the shows as a whole? (you ask) – “meh”. I wasn’t disappointed, per say, but I wasn’t wowed.

Here are my thoughts on the shows.
Spoiler alert – I’ll try not to give too much away, but no promises.

How I Met Your Mother
Again with the mother! The show was funny as always, but I am getting annoyed by the whole “and that kids is not how I met your mother”. Sigh. I realize this is the premise of the show, but we have so many clues now (it’s getting hard to keep track of) that I’m wondering how much more they can tell us about her without actually introducing her! As much as I love this show, I’d love for us to meet the mother and have a nice “happily ever after” and that be it.

Rules of Engagement
Funny but. . . I dunno. It was good.

Grays Anatomy
I would give this one an A. This was a good opening to the season. It was a good wrap up on the finale of last season by picking up a month or so after the ‘event that was the finale’. (trying not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it). I was glad to see Christina FINALLY make it down the wedding aisle. (GEEZ).

Private Practice
This was good, not great. I’m not sure if it really set the tone for the whole season, but it was a good show.

The Big Bang Theory
I would give this one an A+. This show is just funny. I LOVED seeing Sheldon on a first date. It was hilarious. I have no idea why Penny went into the dinner with them, but it was pretty funny!

The Office
Pretty good. I’m excited to see how far Dwight is going take this whole building thing, I think that is going to provide a lot of laughs. I was surprised to see the development with Erin, the secretary.

Brothers and Sisters
Hmmm.. This was good. It picked up a year after the ‘event that was the finale’. I think this episode was kind of depressing, which is kind of par for the course with this show. I found some of the characters were in weird place. (Holly!).

We’ll see how these shows go. If I lose interest in some of these, I’ll probably still DVR them for a Sunday afternoon veg-fest.


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