Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Is Ridiculous

I'm so excited for all the new shows to start next week.  I've been missing my regular shows.  The problem is, since there is nothing on TV but re-runs, I've taken to the web and picked up on a few new shows.  So, I was just thinking today that I should make a list of my shows and when they air so I won't miss any season premieres. . . um yeah. . . there were 16 shows on that list and only 4 of them were the shows Curtis watches.

WHAT?!  I can't believe I watch or 'want' to watch 16 shows.  What am I doing with my life?!  ;)  As my co-worker tells me, I have way to much free time on my hands.  Haha. Now I feel really bad about myself.  I should go to the gym.  :|

Anyways, I'm thinking I should pick a few shows to watch and the rest (or some of the rest) I can DVR.  That way, I'll just watch them when I have a lot of time to kill.  Like Sundays and Mondays now that football season has started. 

I won't share with you the whole list (because it's absurd), but here are the shows I'll watch the day it airs.  I'm sure you don't want to miss them either... come on just join in on my horrible habit! - you know you want too.

How I Met Your Mother - 9/20
Rules of Engagement - 9/20
Grays Anatomy - 9/23
Private Practice - 9/23
The Big Bang Theory - 9/23
The Office - 9/23
Brothers and Sisters - 9/26

This list depresses me. . . that's a lot of time out of my day, but I'm all caught up in these shows.  Maybe we should cancel our cable. . . . (sigh). . . or not.

Ok - Bye


  1. Ha! You are crazy girl. That's a lot of tvland - maybe a smidge too much.

  2. DVR them like me! Then you can periodically watch them and it won't interfere with anything! Unless you HAVE to watch it the night it comes out, then you are in a pickle my friend!

  3. You didn't watch Big Brother of the break?... I have no shows, but I kinda want to pick up modern family or whatever its called.