Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday questions were provided by Jessica at Road to Anywhere. Enjoy!

1. What’s the one thing you always do when you’re stressed?
Bite my nails - my worst habit.  I'll quit bitting my nails for awhile, but if I go through a really stressfull time, I bite them all off.  Then it takes me a long time to stop biting them again.  Gross, I know!

2. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for a friend?
Hmm....I always get asked to be in their projects.  For example, my friends dad used to film small-time commercials in our hometown and they'd always call like an hour before the shoot and ask if I could show up somewhere to be in a pizza commercial or something.  I'm not an actress so that was uncomfortable.  Plus that was in junior high so of course I felt as awkward and I looked.

3. What cleaning supply could you not live without?
Cleaning?  What's that?  Ha!  Um... I'd have to say my mop.  Almost our whole house is tile so mopping has become an evil but necessary duty.

4. How long do you plan on living where you currently reside?
We have lived in our house a little over a year and we moved in with the expectation to stay 5 - 7 years but we specifically bought a house that we could live in forever, if needed.  I love it, so I wouldn't mind living there forever. 

5. Do you usually vote straight party, a mixture, or not at all?
Straight party

6. What’s something that you love to do, but seem to never make time for?
Create.  I love to try painting, watercoloring, drawing, making crafts, etc. and I have a lot of the supplies at my house, but I just never seem to find the time to create things.  Maybe if I turn off the television, I'd find the time.  (see previous post) Hmmmm.

7. What’s your favorite store to buy things for other people?

8. What’s the weather like around you today?
Horrible.  It started pouring rain (there was no sprinkling stage) the moment I opened my front door to leave the house.  The traffic was so bad!  My husband was about 40 minutes late for work. :(

9. What’s the worst book you’ve ever bought and read?
I once bought some of the classics like Moby Dick, Sense and Sensibility, Huckleberry Finn, etc. and I've never finished reading any of those books.  I guess it felt too much like a school assignment at the time.  I'm getting back into reading though so maybe I'll pick them up again.

10. What’s the closest thing to you that is yellow?
My mouse pad.  It's a yellow winking emoticon.  ;)


  1. I love etsy! I love all the custom things you find on there.

  2. I didn't think about Etsy when I wrote my post, but you're right. It's a great place to "Shop"...

    Sending some sunshine... Happy Tuesday!

  3. My sis-in-law and I both say if we'd turn off the TV and the computer... we would be great creative people!